Pre-Order Your MINI Today in Edmonton, Alberta

Pre-Order Your MINI Today in Edmonton, Alberta

Pre-Order Your MINI Today in Edmonton, Alberta

We understand that convenience and time savings are important when you are looking to purchase a vehicle. This is why at MINI Edmonton in Edmonton, Alberta, we provide a straightforward online process to customize and pre-order the MINI that you desire. Our top priority is to give you a hassle-free online buying experience. You can contact us if you have any questions during the process, and our Finance Centre can also help you with financing options.

What Is a Pre-Order?

The pre-ordering process allows you to choose the exact model and trim that you want. This can all be done online in the privacy of your home. Your vehicle will then be shipped to our dealership, where delivery can be arranged.

Top 5 Benefits Of Pre-Ordering a MINI in Edmonton, Alberta

  • Pick your Model, Trim, and Accessories

    When you pre-order a MINI, you can build it exactly the way you want. We provide everything you need for the ultimate personalized online shopping experience. Available models and trims include the following: SE 3-Door Cooper hatchback, 3-Door Cooper S, 3-Door John Cooper Works hatchback, 5-Door Cooper S hatchback, Convertible Cooper S, Convertible John Cooper Works, Countryman Cooper S SUV, and the Countryman John Cooper Works SUV. You can select between a long list of MINI accessories such as all-weather floor mats, sun shades, luggage compartment mats, a sport shorty antenna, centre caps, headlight rings, and wiper sets.

  • Select How You Want to Purchase: Financing, Leasing, or Cash

    Our Finance Centre can help you with financing, leasing, or cash-buying options. We have flexible financing and lease options to fit your financial situation. You can also save by trading in your old vehicle. We are committed to offering fair market value for all trades. You can find the value of your trade by submitting your vehicle information on our website.

  • Pay for What You Want

    Pre-ordering your MINI allows you to choose the exact model, trim, options, and accessories that you desire. You will not be wasting money on features that you don't want. This gives you the satisfaction of knowing your MINI was customized by you. You can have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle will arrive exactly as you built it. All of this leads to a more personalized and enhanced driving experience.

  • Save Time and Effort

    At MINI Edmonton, we understand that you could easily spend an entire day buying a vehicle the traditional way. By pre-ordering your MINI, you will spend little to no time at the dealership. This means you can use this time to do other important things. This effortless process is very convenient and allows you to carefully build the MINI of your dreams.

  • Be the First One to Drive

    As soon as your MINI is delivered, you will have the pleasure of being the first one to drive it. This is a unique feeling that you can only experience by pre-ordering your MINI.

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