Pre-Order a MINI in Edmonton, Alberta – FAQs

Pre-Order a MINI in Edmonton, Alberta - FAQs

Pre-Order a MINI in Edmonton, Alberta - FAQs

Did you know you can custom order a new MINI direct from the factory? Doing so lets you build the vehicle of your dreams. MINI Edmonton is pleased to offer Edmonton drivers the opportunity to build and price their new MINI the way they want. Before you get started, here are some commonly asked questions answered.

How Much Can Pre-Ordering a Car Save?

You can save both money and time by pre-ordering a MINI. The process allows you to order from your home and choose only the features you want. This method eliminates paying for things you'll never use, unlike buying off the lot.

How Long Does a Pre-Order Usually Take?

From the time your order is submitted until it is delivered, the pre-ordering process usually takes between five and eight weeks. However, delivery times may vary, so it is best to consult your sales rep.

How Do I Decide What I Want?

The online ordering process is simple. The manufacturer's website lets you visualize your MINI as you build it. It's perfect for narrowing down decisions like the perfect exterior shade or whether to add certain accessories.

What Are the Benefits of Pre-Ordering?

Pre-ordering gives you loads of benefits. The most obvious is the ability to build the exact perfect vehicle for you. You can select your desired model, colours, features, and accessories. This means you can control the cost by eliminating any options that don't appeal to you.

What Happens if I Change My Mind?

There is no penalty for changing your mind as long as you decide before signing the final paperwork and taking possession of the vehicle.

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We encourage you to contact MINI Edmonton Finance Centre to pre-order your next vehicle. Let us help you build a model to your exact specifications and taste.

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