MINI is a brand designed around efficiency and technology. While MINI vehicles aren't known for how much space they have, it's incredible what they are capable of packing into that tight little frame. The technological suite embedded inside MINI vehicles rivals anything available today. That is because MINI vehicles are built for you to drive, and for that drive to be not just enjoyable but unforgettable.

Here is a list of some of the brilliant technology that MINI  has to offer:

A fast responding turbo engine that produces power instantaneously. It provides virtually zero turbo lag while also offering increased engine efficiency and reduced fuel consumption.

Chemically enhanced headlights enclosed by a sleek chrome or bold black trim that can be used to beam through and illuminate foggy or unclear conditions.

A 6-way adjustable front seats, designed with bolstered side to keep you snug during tight cornering and high speeds.

An entertainment and information hub that uses a 6.5 or 8.8 inch in dash display. MINI Connected does exactly what the name entails, it keeps you connected while being safe, easy, and highly functional. Connecting with your smart phone, it gives you access to all your music and social media apps including integrated Spotify, Sirius Satellite radio, and even Navigation.

An app that allows you to plot your trip, with a plethora of need to know information like real-time traffic, weather, your gas mileage, and even access to your calendar appointments so you know you'll never be late. It also helps to notify you of nearby gas stations and parking lots.

Certain models in the premium compact market are fitted with automatic driving lights as standard. By simply turning the knob to "A" on the appropriate stalk, light sensors in the vehicle will dictate when your MINI's lights will activate. As an added bonus, these sensors are sensitive enough to detect whether you've entered a parking garage or a tunnel and automatically activate the lights.

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