Summer Maintenance Tips For MINI Drivers in Edmonton, Alberta

Summer Maintenance Tips For MINI Drivers in Edmonton, Alberta

Summer Maintenance Tips For MINI Drivers in Edmonton, AB

At MINI Edmonton, our dealership is here to help you prepare your vehicle for the summer driving season or match you with a new MINI model from our new inventory to enhance your commute this summer. We offer numerous automotive services, including a tire locator tool that lets you find the right tires for your specific model.

What Are The Benefits Of Summer-Proofing Your Car?

Getting your vehicle summer proofed brings many benefits, including having a reliable commute, enjoying functioning climate control, and keeping you safe throughout the driving season. It's also a good idea to keep up with regular maintenance since it helps avoid issues that develop into catastrophic failures, saving you money in the long run. Lastly, getting your vehicle the maintenance it needs for the driving season will ensure that it functions properly and allows it to extend its lifespan to keep serving you for years to come.

Maintenance Items To Keep Up With


Your vehicle's brakes play a vital role in keeping you safe by allowing you to slow down quickly to avoid hazards on the road. Besides having brake calipers and brake hoses in good condition, you will also want to use high-quality brake pads and rotors to enjoy smooth braking.


Your vehicle's only point of contact with the road is through the tires, and during the summer, you will want to ensure that you equip all-season tires with good tread. Also, you will want to ensure your tires are not old or have weather damage, which could cause safety concerns.

Fluid Levels

With time, your vehicle's fluid levels could go down for various reasons, but you must check and top off fluids to keep your vehicle running. If a certain fluid requires topping up more frequently, you will want to check for leaks and consider getting a professional opinion.


Vehicle batteries can last a long time with proper maintenance and care, but like most things, batteries require replacement since they deteriorate over time. Older batteries can experience many issues that leave you stranded with a vehicle failing to start.


Your vehicle might have a timing belt. Still, it will most likely come with an accessory belt, both contributing greatly to keeping your vehicle running right and letting you enjoy various features. If your vehicle has a timing belt, you will want to routinely inspect and replace it through a professional shop to avoid having timing issues due to belt failure or slippage that could cause catastrophic engine failure. However, your accessory belt usually only runs accessories such as the alternator and air conditioning compressor, but an old belt could fail, leaving you with a vehicle requiring a tow.


With time, coolant can get contaminated, making it less effective at keeping your engine cool during hot summer days. You will want a mechanic to check your coolant's pH levels to ensure it's ready to cool your engine for the upcoming hot summer days.

Air Conditioning

The worst commute is inside a hot car during the summer days, so be sure to have your air condition system checked and recharged to keep you cool this summer.

Wiper Blades

The winter ice has properly put lots of wear onto your wiper blades, and during rainy summer days, you will want to have a fresh pair of wiper blades to see the road ahead clearly.

Come Into MINI Edmonton To Get Your MINI Vehicle Summer Ready!

Be sure to contact us to book a service appointment, and our experts from the Service Centre will gladly get your vehicle ready to reliable and comfortably get you through the summer season.

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