Preventive Maintenance Tips For The Changing Season

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Preventive Maintenance Tips For The Changing Season

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Importance Of Vehicle Servicing & Maintenance

Keeping up with service and maintenance is important to keep your vehicle running right. Practicing preventive maintenance is a great way to stay ahead of your vehicle's needs. Some components could be showing signs of failure, and taking care of those items before becoming issues is a good way to prevent additional failures, saving you money in the long run.

Five Preventive Maintenace Tips For Changing Seasons


You will want to have the right tires for the driving season since each type performs best in certain conditions. You should also keep track of the tread of your tires and perform regular alignment and wheel balancing to avoid premature wear and tear.

Oil Change

Oil lubricates the internal components of your engine and keeps everything performing as intended, so make sure to get an oil change every six months or so to avoid having contaminants that can lower the lubrication of your engine. The winter months can bring cold temperatures that thicken the oil, making it vital to have new oil before winter and fresh oil for long road trips during the summer.

Brake Inspection

Winter months can cause your braking system components to rust, especially if you don't drive your vehicle often, so make sure to have a professional inspect your brakes to avoid mishaps.

Heat & Air Conditioning

Your vehicle's heat keeps you warm during the winter, and the air conditioner keeps you cool during the summer, so be sure to maintain both systems to stay comfortable year-round. Consider running the A/C monthly, even during the winter, to keep it working properly, and inspect the heater core and hoses for leaks to avoid issues with your vehicle's heat.


A yearly tune-up can be beneficial since it will keep your vehicle running reliably and functioning efficiently.

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