MINI Winter Tires FAQs

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MINI Winter Tires FAQs

At Edmonton MINI, we are constantly improving our services to meet the needs of our clients, and through our location, you can access our fantastic Service Centre. Our factory-trained technicians can take care of various services and maintenance for your vehicle, allowing you to enjoy effortless vehicle ownership. Visit us today and let us help you get the right tires for your vehicle to maximize traction and safety during the upcoming driving season.

Winter & All-Season Tires

Winter tires are perfect for driving in Canada's winter months, and you will want to equip them on your vehicle once temperatures constantly stay below seven degrees Celsius. Once temperatures rise above seven degrees Celsius, you will want to switch back to your all-season tires.


Are all winter tires made equal? What are some things to look out for if I want a quality set?

No, depending on your budget, you will find many tires that cater to various needs. However, choosing a good brand is how you will get a quality set of tires. Tires can affect your vehicle's handling, traction, ride quality, and fuel efficiency.

How does tire pressure affect the performance of my tires in the winter?

Having proper tire pressure during the winter will ensure that your tires deliver maximum traction. An over-or under-inflated tire will cause traction issues, reduce fuel economy, and experience excessive wear.

I always hear about chains. What are those, and are they necessary when I have great winter tires on?

Depending on the laws in your local area, tire chains might be allowed, but they are not needed for driving on maintained roads during the winter. A good set of winter tires will get you through many of Canada's harsh winter conditions, so only consider shopping for chains if you live in a rural area with icy roads that stay covered for the entire season. Avoid driving with tire chains on dry pavement since that can cause damage to the chains and the road.

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