We have all been there. Walked out to your vehicle hit the unlock button on our key fob and the vehicle doesn't unlock. You think it's just a fluke, so you insert your key to open the door and jump in. The key is injected into the ignition and no beep and no lights. You realize there is no power left in the battery, and you either need a boost or a replacement. A vehicle without a functioning battery can leave you in quite the predicament. This situation is expounded on a cold winter morning in Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Beaumont, Leduc, Spruce Grove, Devon, or Stony Plain, Alberta. You've put on two layers of clothing and come out to try to start your vehicle with no success. The realization that roadside assistance may not arrive in time, and there is no one around to help is quite disheartening. Fortunately, at MINI Edmonton, we understand the importance of MINI battery care and are always available to help you.

Maintenance Guidelines for Your MINI Battery

There are several vital components in your vehicle that need to function properly so you can enjoy your MINI. A MINI battery is one of those such components. To care and maintain your battery is extremely important. It is a foundational component for the operation of your MINI. Please refer below to some basic care and maintenance guidelines that will help prevent the dreaded non-start. If you are already experiencing it please contact us right away for assistance.

Locate your battery and inspect it

  • First step is to know its exact location
  • Check for corrosion on the terminals
  • It shouldn't look bloated or swollen
  • Look for frayed or cracked wiring

Figure out the age of the battery

  • Batteries typically last between 3 to 5 years
  • Make sure it doesnt look weathered

Check battery voltage

  • A healthy battery on a standard vehicle should read 12.4 V

Extending The Life Of Your Battery

Extending the life of your battery requires minimal work and effort. Below are five tips to improve the longevity of your vehicle battery:

  • Avoid driving short trips when it's unnecessary. Every time you start your vehicle, it gives your battery a workout. A battery is recharged when driven; however, short drives don't give it that chance.
  • Keep your battery tightly fastened. A vehicle produces a certain level of vibrations, which can impact the life of a battery. Check to make sure the clamps holding the battery into place are tight. But never over tighten them as it may damage your battery.
  • Minimize the use of power while the engine is turned off. The radio, exterior/interior lights, and climate control consume power. If the vehicle is not turned on, refrain from using them.
  • Keep your battery clean. No electric device appreciates being dirty, especially one as important as a vehicle battery. Make sure to keep dirt, grime, and debris away.
  • Try to minimize heat exposure. A common misconception is only cold Canadian winters kill vehicle batteries. Yes, they work harder to start your vehicle when it's cold; however, they typically fail because of extended periods of heat exposure.

Is Your MINI Battery Out? Do You Need Help?

It is imperative that we take care of our vehicle batteries so our MINIs can take us where we need to go. If you ever experience symptoms of an aging battery please schedule a service appointment online. One of our trained service consultants will follow up with you to confirm your concerns and organize a way to rectify your problem. If you have any questions or require clarification, be sure to contact us, we're always pleased to be of assistance.

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