Premium vs Regular Gas for Your MINI


When it comes to fueling your MINI, you might be wondering what the best gas type is for your vehicle. Regular gas has an 87-octane rating, while premium gas has a 91-octane rating. It is recommended that you fuel your MINI with premium gas, and we'll explain why.



Premium vs Regular


Octane rating measures fuel stability. The number indicates the pressure at which a particular fuel will spontaneously combust. Fuels with lower octane ratings will do so at relatively lower pressure levels, and fuels with higher octane ratings will spontaneously combust at relatively higher pressure levels. Since you don't want fuels to combust at the wrong time, using the right types of gasoline in your vehicles is important. MINIs run on turbocharged engines. A turbocharger increases the compression ratio of an engine, which means that pressure is going to be higher than it otherwise would be.


Why Is Premium Better for Your MINI?


It's recommended that MINI drivers fuel up with premium gasoline because it is more stable than regular gasoline. It can positively affect engine performance, longevity, and fuel efficiency. If you fill up a MINI tank with regular gas, engine knocking could potentially result. This knocking sound can actually be heard sometimes, and it occurs when the fuel in the tank combusts when it shouldn't. The fuel can burn unevenly, and your pistons and cylinder walls could potentially get damaged. If you'd like to get the most out of your MINI's engine, fill your tank with premium 91 gasoline.


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