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MINI Edmonton Financial Service - Protection Products

MINI Financial Service - Protection Products

At MINI Edmonton, we are your local MINI dealership in Edmonton, Alberta, providing you with endless services to meet your specific automotive needs. Through MINI Financial Services, you will have access to many coverages, including Protection Products, so stop by our showroom to learn more about what's available.

MINI Financial Services

Whether you choose to lease or finance your MINI purchase, you will find three excellent options for each, allowing you to get the exact financial product that fits your specific needs and situation. You can choose a standard lease, a multiple security deposit lease, or a single payment lease when shopping for a MINI lease. On the other hand, you can finance through standard finance, OwnersChoice, or refinance with MINI Financial Services. With lots of options to explore, we recommend that you contact us to set up an appointment to have our experts provide you with an in-depth overview of all the available options for your situation.

MINI Financial Services Protection Products

When getting your new MINI, you can opt for additional protection products to provide the perfect balance of risk tolerance, protection, and cost. Some of those protection products that are available include the following:

Excess Wear & Use Protection

With the Excess Wear & Use Protection package, you will get $7,500 in coverage against unavoidable damage to your MINI's windshield, bumper, body panels, etc. You will also have protection against missing parts, up to $200. With this protection, you can venture off the beaten path with your MINI without worrying about minor damage fees at lease turn-in time.

Tire & Rim Protection

Depending on where you will be driving your MINI, there might be hazards that will damage your wheels and tires. With the Tire & Rim Protection package, you will have coverage against damage caused by metal, nails, glass, debris, and potholes. Also, you won't have to worry about additional fees if you encounter any of those hazards on the road.

Appearance Protection

The Appearance Protection package will help keep your MINI's resale value at its best by providing you with an array of protections. Those protections can include Front Windshield Protection, Paintless Dent Removal, Paint Protection, Interior Protection, and Key Replacement. Thanks to those extensive coverages, you can always be confident that your MINI will look as good as when you drove off the dealership's lot.

Anti-Theft Protection

No matter what life throws at you or your MINI, MINI Financial Services provides you with the protection you need to confidently venture through your daily life. With Anti-Theft Protection, your MINI will have features to deter thieves away, and it includes vehicle tracking to ensure that you are the only person driving your MINI. If your MINI does get stolen, this coverage could include a replacement MINI at a reduced cost.

Loan ProtectionThe optional Loan Protection provides you with coverage against unpredictable life events, and it protects your lease or loan that's owed to MINI. This coverage is designed for situations should you pass away or experience major illness, unexpected job loss, or disability. To learn more about this protection, contact our experts at MINI Edmonton.Limited Debt WaiverThe Limited Debt Waiver is a product that protects customers in situations where their MINIs are deemed a total loss or partial loss by the primary insurer. Customers could be entitled to a waiver of outstanding debt on the financed loan, depending on the situation. There are also other optional coverages available, so be sure to reach out to learn more about what's available.Vehicle Service ContractsAfter the New Car Warranty coverage period expires, customers can shop for Vehicle Service Contracts to protect their vehicles past the warranty period. As an additional perk of shopping for those contracts, customers can expect to have 24/7 roadside assistance during the coverage period anywhere in Canada. Factory-trained MINI technicians will only replace and repair your vehicle with genuine MINI parts during service.