MINI isn't exactly known for its power. At a glance, they don't seem like they would be the fastest vehicle, but I'm here to tell you that you are wrong. MINI harnesses strength and agility in performance through its efficient design. It uses a specific and innovative design, particularly in its engines, to provide you with a drive like no other.

Here's a closer look:


The 3 Cylinder, while being a smaller engine, still manages to pack a powerful punch. Using a 1.5 L engine, it roars out a shocking level of torque. It's enough power to whip by traffic or squeeze in and out of tight spaces at high speeds.

The 3-Cylinder both manages to offer a sweetly smooth purr while coasting, and a resounding roar when you pin it to the floor. It is also a vehicle that is engineered to provide a shockingly smooth ride no matter what the terrain or speed you travel in. Combined that with the TwinPower turbo to get an incredibly impressive feat of engineering.


The 4 cylinder engine is more traditionally used by smaller compact vehicles. They are still considered smaller when compared to the average engine you'd find in a sedan, but it is also one of the most efficient ways to build an engine available. If fuel economy and fuel efficiency is one of your top concerns this is an engine you should look for.

MINI uses a 4 Cylinder because while their vehicles are efficient, they are also powerful, and the Twin-Scroll Turbo engine that MINI offers does power and efficiency better than anything else. MINI are capable, they are sporty, and they are built to be exciting to drive. They are allowed to be so, because of the 4-Cylinder engines.

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