Hatchback  MINI Cooper 3 Door FIAT 500
 Torque (lb-ft) 162         150
 0-100 (km/h) 7.9 8.2
 Fuel Tank (L) 44 40
 Fuel economy - city (L/100 km) 8.7 9.2
 Fuel economy - highway (L/100 km) 6.8 7.8

When you think of MINI vehicles, you'd think of the MINI Cooper 3 Door. Not only does it present that unmatched style and sleekness inside its compact frame that you've come to love, but it also houses exceptional power inside. Just because it's mini in size, doesn't mean the MINI can't powerfully guide you through both city and country roads. The 3 cylinder 12 valve TwinPower Turbo engine gives you 134 horsepower with 162 lb-ft of torque. This icon provides a great mix of style and substance that satiates both style and performance needs.
FIAT 500

Coming in at an economical price for the subcompact market, it doesn't take much to get into this sleek hatchback. This is a stylized car that focuses on drawing head-turning looks and fun every time you drive it. The new FIAT 500s enjoys increased power with a now standard turbocharged engine that boosts the horsepower of this hatchback for improved performance. It comes with a 5-inch screen that supports an extensive Uconnect® infotainment system, including bluetooth connectivity and a fantastic navigation system to get you where you need to go.

The most notable step-up the MINI Cooper 3 Door has over the FIAT 500 is a superior performance level. While these two small cars are similar in size and weight, the MINI is able to pump out more defined driving power thanks to its TwinPower Turbo engine. The speedy vehicle punches out to a quicker clip at 7.9 seconds compared to 8.2 seconds when going 0-100 km/h inside its slight frame. You'll enjoy sitting inside the MINI Cooper 3 Door with its leatherette seats that provide more comfortable seating over the cloth seats of the FIAT 500. For both city and country driving, the MINI has great fuel economy to keep you cruising for awhile on the same tank.

Experience this classic MINI vehicle yourself with the MINI Cooper 3 Door, available now at our dealership! If you have any more questions about this legendary hatchback, please get in contact with us.