MINI Brake Servicing Checks in Edmonton, Alberta


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Test Drive


Taking a test drive can quickly indicate if your MINI requires brake service, especially if it has major wear on the rotors or brake pads. During the test drive, you might hear a grinding noise, feel the brake pedal pulsing, or experience reduced braking performance, all signs that your MINI needs new brakes. Also, if your MINI has warped rotors or uneven brake pad wear, it will cause it to pull to one side, which can affect driving safety.


Brake Fluid Inspection Check


Depending on the age and mileage of your MINI, its brake fluid can affect its braking performance, which is easy to check visually. Under the hood, you will find a brake fluid reservoir, allowing you to inspect the brake fluid's colour visually. Good brake fluid from MINI usually has a yellow transparent colour, but it turns darker as it gets contaminated.


Initial Visual Inspection


An initial visual inspection of the brake rotors and pads can help indicate if your MINI needs brake cleaning or replacement of the brake rotors, pads, or both. Sometimes, if your MINI has aluminum wheels with wide openings between the spokes, you can see the braking components directly. However, most times, it's recommended to have your vehicle's brakes inspected on a lift by a professional since you won't be able to see the inner brake pads.


Contact Us


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