Mini App FAQ in Edmonton, Alberta

Mini App FAQ in Edmonton, Alberta

Mini App FAQ in Edmonton, Alberta

Contact us at Mini Edmonton to get more details about the Mini App and its many excellent functions. Our associates will gladly walk you through how to use the app and everything you need to know to take advantage of this convenient feature fully.

Mini App Overview

The Mini App is a new feature that keeps you connected to your Mini vehicle on the go, allowing you to check the status of the locks remotely, as well as many other functions. Some of the functions that you can expect from this app include vehicle finder, vehicle status, E-mobility details access, Charge & Climate Timer, access to Mini Motorer's Guide, and control over your Mini remotely.

Mini App FAQ

What do I need to do to add my Mini to the Mini App?

You will need to access your Mini's infotainment system within three hours of adding your Mini to the Mini App. You will have to gain an access code through either the Mini Connected or Mini Messages through the infotainment system and enter that code into the app before it expires in three hours.

Which Mini models can use the Charge & Climate function in the Mini App?

This feature can be used on all Mini models that are either a plug-in hybrid or fully electric.

Is the "Find Mate" function available in the Mini App?

The "Find Mate" function isn't available in the Mini App.

Do I receive notifications from the Mini App about service requirements or recalls for my vehicle?

Yes, you will get a push notification for any due services or technical updates applicable to your Mini vehicle.

Is it possible for multiple users to add the same vehicle in the Mini app?

Yes, you can add two Mini IDs, one for the primary subscribers and another for the secondary subscriber.

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