There’s a variety of hatchback options on the market, but how does the MINI 3 Door John Cooper Works and the Volkswagen Golf GTI stack up against each other? The MINI 3 Door takes the classic MINI style and improves it with the upgraded John Cooper Works edition. The Volkswagen Golf GTI is a trustworthy compact hatchback that is fit for low-pressure city travel. Read on at MINI Edmonton to see how this race-engineered MINI 3 Door John Cooper Works compares against the dependable Volkswagen GTI.


The MINI 3 Door John Cooper Works is the racing-tuned version of the classic MINI Cooper you’ve always loved. Not only does it have an improved Twin Power turbo engine with 228 horsepower and 258 ft-lb of torque, but it also has excellent acceleration and reactive steering for superior handling. To match the internals, the exterior provides a sharp, racing look that promotes smooth lines and a modernized MINI shape that still keeps the classic style. Numerous specific accents like trim rings, mirror caps and side scuttles keep this edition unique and expertly styled. The MINI 3 Door John Cooper Works vehicle combines all the traditional MINI elements with its improved racing kit.

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The Volkswagen Golf GTI packs a lot into its small frame. Its small size gives it excellent handling capabilities allowing you to accurately steer at high speeds that surely satisfy even the most seasoned drivers. Both the sport suspension and the Cross Differential System work together to minimize uncontrollability and give the driver better stability when maneuvering through tight spots. Its Enhanced 2.0 TSI engine offers 220 horsepower from its compact frame with a 6-speed automatic Tiptronic transmission. Solid performance and handling deliver a stable hatchback option in the Volkswagen Golf GTI.

Just by looking at the MINI and GTI side-by-side, one clearly sticks out. The history and style of the MINI 3 Door John Cooper Works radiates off its impeccably designed exterior. In comparison to the sleek and classic MINI design that funneled the iconic first MINI design into a modern frame, the Golf GTI gives off a plain, generic design. The black chrome grille, sunroof and wing rear spoiler show off the small, fashionable and functional accents that the Golf GTI lacks. Your eye never lets you down make the easy choice with the exceptionally-designed and constructed MINI 3 Door John Cooper Works.

At MINI Edmonton, see for yourself the refined class and race-ready power of the MINI 3 Door John Cooper Works. Browse our full inventory of John Cooper Works MINIs for your preference.