John Cooper Works Accessories in Edmonton, Alberta

John Cooper Works Accessories in Edmonton, Alberta

John Cooper Works Accessories in Edmonton, Alberta

MINI has a long-standing history of creating some of the best vehicles on the planet. The introduction of the MINI John Cooper Works GP is the next step in this brand's legendary journey. Automotive consumers from St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Beaumont, Leduc, Spruce Grove, Devon, Stony Plain, Fort Saskatchewan and surrounding areas of Alberta know what to expect from MINI. At MINI Edmonton, we are ready to provide the vehicle and experience they are looking for. Our new vehicle inventory is full of the best of German engineering featuring the JCW GP.

The John Cooper Works Edition offers some unique interior accessories that enthusiasts and newcomers will really appreciate. We all know that from a performance perspective, the 2021 JCW is one of a kind. This MINI is not for the faint of heart with 301 horsepower Twin Power engine and a top speed up 265 km/h. It features a blistering 0 to 100 km/h time of 5.2 seconds. This particular engine was tuned on the track because you feel like you're taking off once you punch the accelerator. Pairing this engine to a transmission that can handle the power output was important. MINI's eight-speed automatic transmission with the limited-slip differential will help to keep the power on the road exactly where it needs to be.

Handbrake grip

The MINI has been referred to as a luxury car with the heart of a go-kart. Bring that experience home with the handbrake and shift knob combination that features a unique grip with Alcantara Gaiter.

Steering wheel

If you're driving a powerful hot hatch like the MINI JCW, you want to make sure you have complete control. What better way to do that than a sporty, flat bottom and Alcantara carbon-infused wheel that really sets the interior apart from the competition.

Keycap with Lanyard

Continuing the JCW trend, a practical yet highly attractive John Cooper Works Key Cap provides a unique look along with a fantastic grip. Moreover, it easily attaches to the racing-themed lanyard, made of Alcantara, of course.

Selector Lever

We are sure by now you understand how important Alcantara is to the interior design language of the MINI JCW. The cover selector lever is smooth and soft to the touch, and you won't be able to wait to change the gears.

John Cooper Works Exterior Features

JCW Trim Rings

The JCW trim features stylish and decorative rings for the headlights and tail lights in high gloss black.

JCW Air Intake Trim

The powerful turbocharged engine will require some cool fresh air; that's where the front air intake system comes in. Situated near the front of the hood, the carbon fibre inlet provides the engine and turbochargers with the air they require and looks great doing it.

JCW Aerodynamics

The front defuser on the JCW line adds an elegant sportiness and also forces air in and around to create extra downforce.

JCW Sport Chassis

All that power under the hood needs to be tamed; luckily, the JCW features an upgraded suspension system that features coilovers, a Pro Sport Chassis, and so much more.

JCW Roof Decal

MINI's have always been unique and in your face. It's no different with the JCW; you will find the JCW decal on the roof and a smooth red line.

JCW Rear Spoiler

Functional rear spoilers serve two primary purposes, one they look great and second, they force air to push the rear of the vehicle down, resulting in superior handling.

18-inch JCW Cross Spoke Aluminum Alloy Wheels

These wheels were specifically designed to give your JCW an in-your-face design language. Made from lightweight alloys, they will definitely leave a lasting impression. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.