MINI - Excess Wear & Use Protection – Exterior

MINI - Excess Wear & Use Protection - Exterior

When you lease a MINI model from us at MINI Edmonton, you will benefit from getting a high-quality vehicle at flexible payment terms and rates through our Finance Centre, allowing you always to drive a new MINI with the latest offerings. However, when the time comes to drop off your currently leased MINI, which can be for another new lease, there are a few things to consider. After reading this guide, you will be able to know what type of wear and use is acceptable for the exterior of your MINI and whether you should perform any repairs or maintenance.

Acceptable Exterior Wear & Use

  • Any scratches or scuffs on the paint that are less than two inches in length
  • Dents with damage that's two inches or less for a maximum of three dents per panel
  • Minor stone chips that affect an area within two inches middle circle of the Evaluator
  • Cleanable road tar
  • Superficial scuffs and scratches that do not penetrate the paint

Unacceptable Exterior Wear & Use

  • Cracked or punctured bumpers
  • Buckled, gouged, bent, or deeply scratched bumpers
  • Exterior paint damage from excessive organic fallout, industrial fallout, or atmospheric conditions
  • Repairs that don't meet the manufacturer's specifications include mismatched paint, misaligned parts, distorted body panels, and previous poor repairs.
  • Broken exterior parts that are not replaced or repaired to the manufacturer's specifications
  • Stone chips that are within an area larger than the two-inch middle circle of the Evaluator
  • Scratches or scuffs that are through the paint and greater than two the two-inch middle circle of the Evaluator

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