Car Engine Maintenance Tips in Edmonton, Alberta

Car Engine Maintenance Tips in Edmonton, Alberta

Car Engine Maintenance Tips in Edmonton, Alberta

Through our new inventory at MINI Edmonton, you will find the best selection of high-quality vehicles with the latest offerings on the market. Purchasing a MINI model from our selection is only the first step towards enjoying reliable commutes filled with thrilling drives and comfortable trips. You will need to continue visiting our dealership onwards to get your MINI the maintenance and repairs necessary to keep it running right and looking great.

Change Engine Oil At Regular Intervals

To keep your engine lubricated and functioning correctly, you will want to perform oil changes on time. Oil degrades over time and loses its ability to lubricate your engine's internal components, making it vital to change to avoid damaging the engine.

Check The Cooling System

The cooling system has to be free of air and full of good coolant to keep your engine cool during drives, so make sure to check the system for leaks and the condition of the coolant.

Look For Leaks

Your engine has various systems attached to it that require fluid to function properly, and within the engine, you will find oil and coolant. A leak from any of those systems will cause issues you can prevent from worsening by promptly addressing the leak.

Don't Ignore The Check Engine Light

A check engine light can indicate a small problem with a sensor or a major internal problem within the engine, so make sure never to ignore the check engine light on the instrument cluster.

Replace Your Fuel Filter

An old fuel filter could restrict the fuel flow to the engine, which would cause the engine to run rough. Changing the fuel filter is a cheap way to keep your engine running right.

Perform Engine Tune-Ups

Keeping up with engine tune-ups will let you enjoy a properly running engine while avoiding mishaps down the road.

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