Top Services To Keep Your MINI Running Longer

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Top Services To Keep Your MINI Running Longer

At MINI Edmonton, we have a new inventory of the latest MINI models and a team of experts to support your ownership throughout every step. We strive to deliver nothing short of complete satisfaction through every interaction and wish to assist our clients in enjoying a reliable MINI for years to come. Visit our showroom today and explore the endless benefits of choosing our dealership in Edmonton, Alberta.

Oil Changes

An oil change is one of the most important services you can perform on a MINI, ensuring the engine has proper lubrication to continue delivering maximum output while retaining excellent fuel economy. However, neglecting to keep up with oil changes can affect your MINI's reliability, especially if you often drive over the oil change intervals.

Replace Filters

You should regularly replace various filters to keep your MINI running optimally, including the engine air filter, fuel line filter, cabin filter, and engine oil filter. Those filters serve different functions, ensuring no containments enter your MINI's crucial systems.

Transmission Fluid Change

Your MINI's transmission is vital in supporting its high performance and reliability, making it important to maintain throughout your ownership. Although new transmission systems require less maintenance than before, replacing your transmission fluid is recommended, as noted by your owner's manual.

Replace Water Pump & Thermostat

Nothing is worse than a vehicle that overheats due to a failing thermostat, which can cause coolant leaks or catastrophic engine damage if the engine continues running while overheating. Usually, a vehicle would overheat due to a stuck thermostat, making the rubber seals fail on the water pump and reducing engine cooling efficiency.

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