Top Five Tips For Extending The Life of Your Brake Pads

Improve average life of Brakes

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Five Tips to Prevent Brake Premature Wearing

Coast Longer, Brake Less

One of the best ways to extend your brake pads' life is to avoid speeding up, only to slow down right away. Some people think that they're going to save time and get ahead by gaining a few car lengths; instead, they only end up having to hit the brakes more often because you rarely can get the timing right to get ahead of traffic. Also, racing to the red light is inefficient since you will have to hit your brakes because you made it to the red light sooner.

Beware Of Your Surroundings

If you pay attention to traffic flow, it's also more likely that you'll be able to coast more of your drive, which will result in less time braking. One example of this is coasting uphill and letting gravity slow you down until you reach the crest of the hill.

Avoid Hauling Unnecessary Added Weight

Did you know that your brake pads will wear away more quickly when you have many heavy items in your vehicle? The kinetic energy in a heavier car is more significant than a vehicle with less weight, so it takes more friction for your brakes to stop your vehicle. The best practice is routinely removing items from your truck that are not needed, ensuring better braking performance and fuel efficiency.

Upkeep Brake Maintenance

Replace your brake fluid every two years to get the most life out of your brakes, including the pads. Water can get inside the brake lines, and if it does, your brakes will be less efficient, causing your brakes to work harder. The brake lines need to be flushed to ensure that the brake fluid performs optimally and that the brake pedal is firm.

Don't Use Two Feet To Drive

Only use one foot to drive, as using two feet is dangerous. Some people like to have one foot on the accelerator and one foot on the brake, but this is a terrible habit because driving like this often means that you're braking at the same time that you're pushing on the gas pedal.

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