Signs of a Bad Radiator Hose

Signs of a Bad Radiator Hose

Warning Signs of a Bad Radiator Hose

Radiators are critical components of any vehicle's cooling system, and the hoses that carry coolant require regular maintenance. Radiator hoses should be inspected every 48,000 kilometres; however, you may need to check or replace your radiator hose earlier than this. Here are some of the signs of a bad radiator hose:

Swelling or Bulging

When a hose begins to swell or bulge, it is a sign that the inner lining has begun to fail. The wall of the hose will be thicker in certain spots, which could lead to a leak or even complete failure of the hose itself. It could also indicate a buildup of pressure in the cooling system.

Cracking or Splitting

If you notice that your radiator hose has cracks or splits, replace it as soon as possible. This could be a sign of age, wear, or indicative of a manufacturing defect. Either way, the hose should be replaced to ensure your cooling system is functioning properly.

Leaking Coolant

When you see coolant leaking from a radiator hose, it's a sign that the hose has worn out and needs to be replaced immediately. The rubber or plastic material that composes the hose could be losing flexibility, leading to coolant escaping from the hose and into other engine components. A leaky hose could also lead to an overheating engine, which can cause serious damage if not addressed quickly.

Collapsed Hose

Radiator hoses should remain in their original shape, with no visible changes. If the hose has become weaker or collapsed, it could indicate a blocked or clogged pipe, which will interfere with the proper flow of coolant throughout the system. This could also be a sign of a worn-out hose needing replacement.

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