MINI Dashboard Warning Lights


MINI Dashboard Warning Lights

An understanding of the warning lights in your MINI's dashboard is essential. Problem severity is indicated by a colour system based on traffic lights. Green means that everything is working fine. Yellow lets you know that a particular function isn't performing as it should. Red is an indicator of a serious issue.

MINI Brake System Warning Light

The brake system warning light lets you know that your brake fluid levels could be low. You don't want to delay when it comes to brake issues, especially if the warning light is red.

MINI Check Engine Warning Light

The check engine warning light is a general warning indicator to show you a problem with an engine component. You may notice signs of malfunction, but this isn't always the case. A professional Service Centre can diagnose the issue to be correctly repaired.

MINI Electronic Power Control (EPC) Warning Light

The electronic power control light informs you that your throttle system needs to be addressed. Chances are good that there will be signs of a problem, such as low acceleration. Get it checked out promptly to prevent additional damage.

MINI Steering Warning Light

This light signals an issue with your power steering, meaning you may find the steering more difficult. Try restarting the vehicle, as this could reboot the computer. Schedule a service appointment if the light remains.

MINI Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Warning Light

The diesel particulate filter helps control emissions. Seeing this light could be an indicator that soot is clogging your DPS. You'll want to address this promptly to prevent additional damage.

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