Proper Intervals for Changing the Various Fluids in Your MINI Cooper

Your MINI has numerous fluids that require attention, care, and maintenance, so to keep your vehicle running right, you will want to stay on top of regular maintenance. At MINI Edmonton, we provide various automotive services, all from one location, allowing you to conveniently keep up with your vehicle's needs. Our goal is to make vehicle ownership effortless and seamless, so visit us today to learn more about how we can help you.

Important Of Car Maintenance

Keeping up with vehicle maintenance is your insurance against breakdowns on the road, and maintaining proper fluid levels and condition is a great way to keep your MINI running and functioning like new.

Fluid Change Intervals

Engine Oil

Your MINI's oil change intervals can differ depending on the model, engine option, and oil type. Modern regular oil tends to last around 8,000 kilometres, while synthetic oil can last around 12,000 kilometres. Regardless of driving mileage, you should be performing an oil change every six months to a year.

Brake Fluid

With typical driving, brake fluid tends to last a long time, but checking your vehicle's brake fluid level and condition is always a good idea. Most drivers will need to change their brake fluid every four to five years.

Transmission Fluid

With a CVT, you might want to change the transmission fluid every 80,000 kilometres, but it's best to follow your owners' manual suggestions for transmission fluid change intervals. If you are unsure, you can always reach out to us, and we will gladly provide you with your MINI's specific fluid change intervals.


MINI recommends changing coolant every three years, but if you drive more than normal, you might want to consider having your MINI's coolant checked with every oil change.

Power Steering Fluid

If your MINI has electric power steering, you won't have power steering fluid. If your MINI has hydraulic power steering, you will want to check the fluid regularly and change it every 80,000 kilometres or four years.

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