Interior Lighting - Vehicle Inspection

Interior Lighting - Vehicle Inspection

Interior Lighting - Vehicle Inspection

Interior lighting consists of various installations strategically placed to illuminate features and other areas of the cabin. These lights include a dome, rear cargo, instrument panel, and door courtesy lamps.

At MINI Edmonton in Edmonton, Alberta, we offer several car maintenance and repair services, including interior lighting inspection at our Service Centre. Below is a checklist for inspecting the interior lighting in your MINI vehicle.

Dome Lights

Most cars and trucks have one dome light to illuminate the interior. However, this light also monitors if the doors are properly closed. Turn them on and off during an inspection to see if they function adequately.

Luggage Compartment Light

This light is fitted in the vehicle's cargo compartment and usually turns on when the trunk is opened. If there is no response from this light when you open the trunk, it requires further inspection.

Instrument Illumination Lights

Instrument illumination lights are very important and are usually installed on the reverse side of the instrument panel. These lights work in conjunction with indicator and license plate lights and illuminate the scale plate and instrument pointer.

Alarms and Indicators

Most indicators usually give alerts on oil pressure, turn indicators, high water temperatures, and high beam indicators. The alarm lights are usually red and yellow, while the regular indicators are green and blue. You can park your car in a dark area to see how each light responds.

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At MINI Edmonton in Edmonton, Alberta, we offer more than a decent deal on your favourite car. We also provide car maintenance and repair services at competitive prices. Contact us to schedule an interior lighting inspection if you notice that one or more lighting fixtures inside your MINI are not working as intended.

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