How to Improve Tire Grip in Winter?

How to improve tire grip in winter

Winter can be a challenging time for drivers in Edmonton, Alberta. The cold weather and slippery conditions can make it difficult to get around, which makes preventative car maintenance especially important. Because your vehicle's performance is affected by the weather, it's important to take some steps to enhance your car tires' traction and make sure you stay safe on the road. Whether you drive a model from our new inventory or our vast, varied used inventory, allow us to provide you with a few valuable tips below, and feel free to schedule your next service appointment at MINI Edmonton.

For Rear-Wheel Drive Vehicles: Add Weight to the Rear

If you have a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, one of the best things you can do to improve your tire grip is to add weight to the rear of the car. This will help anchor the car for maximum contact with the ground and keep it from sliding around on icy roads.

Drive on Tracks Cleared by Other Vehicles

It's much easier to maneuver down snowy roads that have already been driven on by other vehicles. You can use the paths they have cleared with their own winter car tires, which will give you some extra traction and a more stable ride.

Get a Pair of Tire Socks

Investing in a pair of tire socks can go a long way to improving your tire grip. These socks are designed to slip over your car tires, combine with your winter tires' aggressive treads, and help you stay at the reins on slippery roads.

Buy a Pair of Easy-to-Install Snow Chains

Like tire socks, snow chains will give your tires improved grip and help them slice through snow and slush on messy winter roads. Remember to buy the right chains, as not every set is made for every kind of tire.

Get Winter Tires

One of the best and most important measures you can take to improve your car's performance in winter conditions is to get winter tires. Winter tires are designed to provide extra grip and stability in colder temperatures, with their rubber compound maintaining its flexibility in extreme weather and their tread patterns braving snow, ice, and slush while maintaining your safety at the wheel.

Canadian winters can be long and trying, and it's essential to keep your vehicle prepared for the colder months. That begins with improving your tire grip to help keep your car running smoothly during winter weather. If you need any service, repairs, or car maintenance, be sure to contact us at MINI Edmonton in Edmonton, Alberta today.

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