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How Often Should You Be Replacing Your Vehicle's Brake Pads & Rotors

At MINI Edmonton, we are your trusted local dealership in Edmonton, Alberta, serving drivers with the best automotive services and outstanding customer service. Besides shopping through our new inventory, you can also get your vehicle's maintenance and repairs done through our Service Centre, including brake pads and rotors replacements. We also provide helpful guides on how to take care of your vehicle, supporting you in enjoying your investment for years to come.

The Braking Process Explained

Vehicles utilize a hydraulic system to apply pressure onto the braking components to create friction that causes the vehicles to slow down. Those components responsible for slowing down the vehicle include the brake caliper, brake pads, and brake rotors. When you apply the brake pedal, the fluid pushes the caliper's piston out onto the brake pads, which causes them to tighten around the brake rotor to slow down the vehicle. The braking rotor also serves as a large heat sink that is air-cooled, dissipating away the heat caused by friction to deliver reliable braking performance. Since brake pads and rotors are always experiencing friction, they tend to lose material over time, making them maintenance consumables that you should always inspect and replace.

Lifespan Of Brake Pads & Rotors

The lifespan of your vehicle's brake pads and rotors will differ since they wear out at different rates, but other factors can cause premature wear and tear. Besides the weight and type of vehicle you drive, having aggressive braking habits can cause your braking components to wear out much quicker than those who brake gently. Your vehicle's brake pads can be made from different materials, which can affect the lifespan, but overall you can expect brake pads to last as little as 45,000 kilometres or as long as 80,000 kilometres. On the other hand, the brake rotors tend to last around twice as long as brake pads, as long as they don't get rust or damage from worn-out brake pads.

How Often To Replace Brake Pads & Rotors

Since every vehicle is different, you will want to follow your vehicle's owner's manual to know the brake checkups and replacement intervals. Although those intervals will provide you with a good idea of when to replace those components, it's best to visit our Service Centre to have our experts inspect and measure your braking component's remaining lifespan. Some vehicles will have notifications pop onto the dashboard when brake pads require replacement. However, most vehicles will have a metal piece attached to the brake pads, which will contact the braking rotor when replacement is needed. If you hear a metal-on-metal sound when applying the brakes, which goes away once you remove your foot from the brake pedal, your brake pads require replacement. Be sure to replace your brake pads before wearing them completely since that can damage the braking rotors, increasing the replacement cost.

Tips For Extending The Life Of Your Brakes

There are a few things you can do and others that you shouldn't do to extend the lifespan of your braking components. You will want to begin by ensuring that your vehicle has all its maintenance done on time and that you follow the driving speed limit to reduce wear and tear on your brakes. A few things to avoid are not overloading your vehicle with unnecessary items that can cause added stress on the brakes, and you will want to avoid riding the brakes when going downhill.

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