Guide To Buying A Used MINI


Guide To Buying A Used MINI

As you shop for a used MINI in Edmonton, Alberta, or nearby areas, consider stopping by our showroom at MINI Edmonton. We offer a used inventory of various used MINI models, giving you many high-quality options to choose from and explore. You can always depend on our dealership's support as you purchase a used MINI from us or bring your MINI into our location for service.

Test Drive The Car

You should always test drive a MINI before you purchase it, especially if it's a used model. Although you might know how a MINI should drive, a used model could have issues you can only detect through a test drive, so make sure to pay close attention to the steering, engine responsiveness, noises, or anything that might be of concern.

Get A Pre-Purchase Inspection

Once you have taken the used MINI you wish to purchase on a test drive, and it seems a good option, you will want to schedule an appointment for a pre-purchase inspection. A trusted MINI dealership like ours can help you identify any issues that MINI might have and give you complete transparency about what you are committing to purchase.

Look Into Maintenance & Records History

With a clean bill of health and assurance from a test drive and a pre-purchase inspection, you need to dig deeper to know the history of the use MINI you want to purchase. You should check any maintenance records available to know what to expect during your ownership and consider paying for an accident history report.

Negotiate The Price

There are many factors to consider when negotiating the price of a used MINI, including any outstanding maintenance or repairs, previous accidents, paint imperfections, interior damage, and others. You can use such issues with a used MINI to negotiate the purchase price, ensuring you pay fair value.

Contact Us To Learn More

You are welcome to contact us to learn more about buying a used MINI and book an appointment for a pre-purchase inspection with our trusted Service Centre.

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