Fluids for Your MINI

Fluids are an essential component of any vehicle, helping to lubricate moving parts, enhance performance, and assist with driving. There are various fluids that your MINI requires to run optimally. Keep reading to learn all about them!

Engine Oil

Engine oil is your vehicle's lifeblood. All cars with an internal-combustion engine require oil to run. The primary job of engine oil is to lubricate, cool, and protect the moving parts within your engine from overheating. It is recommended that you change your MINI's engine oil every 11,000 to 15,000 kilometres.

Transmission Fluid

Like engine oil, transmission fluid lubricates your transmission to ensure it works optimally. It is recommended to check and change your transmission fluid every 50,000 kilometres.

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid lubricates the working parts in your MINI's braking system, including the brake valves, pistons, and antilock braking system. Without this essential fluid, you would not be able to slow down or come to a complete stop. If you notice your MINI's brakes are delayed or feeling unusual, check your brake fluid or schedule a service appointment at our Service Centre.


As the name suggests, coolant helps to cool down your engine by absorbing excess heat and removing toxic byproducts from the exhaust system. Without coolant, your engine will overheat.

Power Steering Fluid

Power steering fluid works to deliver a smooth ride in your MINI. This powerful solution lubricates and cools the various components of your power steering system. Running low on this fluid can be dangerous as your steering wheel will start to stiffen up and reduce movement.

Windshield Washer Fluid

Windshield washer fluid is probably the most recognized fluid on this list. This solution cleans your windshield of dirt, debris, dust, salt, and more, allowing you to see clearly through your windshield.

If you need assistance checking, replacing, or topping up any of your vehicle's fluids, be sure to contact us to schedule an appointment at our Service Centre.

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