What causes a bad wheel alignment?

What causes a bad wheel alignment

What Causes A Bad Wheel Alignment

At MINI Edmonton, we constantly provide the best automotive services to support our customers' ownership experiences. Although many owners know the importance of keeping up with tire maintenance, some are not familiar with wheel alignment. Performing regular wheel alignment for your vehicle will keep it tracking correctly, but it is also important for road safety. If you have any questions about wheel alignment or how it can benefit your vehicle, reach out to our staff members.

Importance Of Wheel Alignment & What It Is

Wheel alignment is an adjustment that a technician performs to set your wheels' geometry, allowing your vehicle to drive straight and not veer to either side. It's very important to keep up with wheel alignment since an out-of-specification vehicle can cause its tires and suspension components to wear out prematurely. Also, having proper wheel alignment makes the vehicle easy to drive and control, maintaining optimal safety while performing emergency stops or maneuvers.

Causes Of Wheel Alignment To Fall Out Of Specifications

Depending on how you drive and the type of roads you typically commute daily, your wheel alignment might fall out of specifications. The most common way to get your wheels out of alignment is by hopping or jumping curbs, but it's also possible for larger potholes to affect your vehicle's alignment. Another way your alignment can be out is if you had a direct impact between your wheels and the curb.

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