Is The MINI Countryman Cooper Reliable?


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MINI Countryman Cooper Reliability


The MINI Countryman Cooper has a reliability rating of 3.5/5, according to Repair Pal, which is above average. Besides offering great reliability during your ownership, this MINI also has a good average yearly repair cost, of which most repairs tend to be minor. However, you might find that this MINI model requires slightly more frequent service visits, which aggressive driving habits and neglectful maintenance can amplify.


Common Problems To Experience


Although most of the common problems you might expect to deal with during your MINI Countryman Cooper ownership are due to neglected maintenance, you might run into issues addressed by recalls. The best way to ensure your MINI Countryman Cooper remains reliable is by performing regular maintenance on time and always getting all recalls rectified. However, you might experience other unpredictable problems due to damage while driving or unexpected component failure, which you should repair promptly to keep your MINI in its best shape.


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