2025 MINI Countryman Technology

2025 MINI Countryman Technology

2025 MINI Countryman Technology

Dive into a world where innovative technology blends seamlessly with luxury in the 2025 MINI Countryman, now available at Mini Edmonton. This latest iteration of the beloved MINI lineup is engineered to push the boundaries of in-car technology, providing an unparalleled driving experience right here in Alberta.

Cutting-Edge Control: The Circular OLED Touchscreen

At the forefront of the MINI Countryman's technological enhancements is the revolutionary circular OLED touchscreen. This 240-millimetre display, a first for the MINI series, integrates all your driving needs into one intuitive interface. Made from high-quality glass, it serves as the nerve center for both the vehicle's functionality and its infotainment system, offering crisp visuals and responsive touch controls. Its seamless integration into the dashboard transforms the interior into a modernistic command center, tailor-made for the discerning driver in Edmonton.

Tailored Ambiance: MINI Experience Modes

With the introduction of eight unique MINI Experience Modes, the 2025 Countryman allows you to curate your driving environment like never before. Each mode adjusts the interior's lighting, sound, and even driving dynamics to match your current mood or driving conditions. These customizable settings ensure that whether you're navigating the busy roads of downtown Edmonton or cruising on the open road, your MINI Countryman is in perfect harmony with your journey.

Voice-Activated Convenience: Your Intelligent Personal Assistant

Enhance your drive with the MINI Intelligent Personal Assistant, designed to respond to your voice commands efficiently and intuitively. This smart system helps you control navigation, manage calls, adjust cabin temperature, and select entertainment options, all without lifting a finger. Choose a familiar voice like "Spike," MINI's iconic mascot, or a stylized expression of your individual MINI to add a personal touch to your high-tech companion.

Smart Navigation: Always on the Right Track

The Countryman's advanced navigation system is more intelligent than ever. Utilizing cloud-based technology, it updates your route in real-time based on traffic conditions, ensuring you always have the most efficient path selected. The dynamic colour adaptation of the map display according to your chosen Experience Mode adds a visually pleasing element to its practical functionality.

Game On: In-Car Entertainment

Take a break and enjoy in-car entertainment with the new AirConsole Gaming system. This innovative feature transforms your MINI's OLED display into an interactive gaming console, perfect for keeping passengers entertained during longer drives or while waiting in parking spaces.

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