2025 MINI Countryman Performance

2025 MINI Countryman Performance

2025 MINI Countryman Performance

The 2025 MINI Countryman is a performance machine engineered for excitement. This isn't the Countryman you remember. The Countryman has undergone a complete redesign and is now a fully-fledged SUV. From Edmonton's city streets to the open highways leading to Banff, the MINI Countryman promises a thrilling and reliable drive.

Go-Kart Thrills in an SUV Package

Who says an SUV can't handle like a go-kart? The 2025 MINI Countryman defies expectations with its nimble handling and agility, powered by a robust TwinPower Turbo engine. This powerhouse delivers a perfect blend of heart-pounding acceleration and impressive efficiency, ensuring you can enjoy those long Alberta drives without constantly stopping for fuel.

Hands-Free Driving

Step into the future with the MINI Countryman's Driving Assistant Professional. Available on the JCW Countryman and Cooper S Countryman with the Premier+ Package, this feature lets you drive hands-free and feet-free at speeds up to 60 km/h. Perfect for navigating Edmonton's busy traffic, it also adds a touch of fun โ€“ perfect for impressing your passengers during those slow, stop-and-go moments.

All-Wheel Drive Mastery: ALL4 All the Way

With the 2025 MINI Countryman's ALL4 All-Wheel Drive, no terrain is too challenging. This advanced system dynamically distributes power to all four wheels, ensuring maximum traction on icy roads, muddy paths, or rocky trails. Whether you're heading to the mountains for a ski trip or just driving through a snowy Edmonton morning, you'll always be in control.

Safety First

Safety is paramount in the 2025 MINI Countryman, thanks to its standard Driving Assistant. Acting as your vigilant co-pilot, it alerts you to vehicles in your blind spots and gently steers you back if you drift out of your lane. When reversing, it watches for traffic behind you, helping prevent accidents and ensuring you drive with confidence.

Experience Modes

The 2025 MINI Countryman offers an array of Experience Modes to suit your every mood and journey:

  • Balance Mode: Relax with serene lighting and calming soundscapes for a peaceful drive.
  • Green Mode: Maximize your fuel efficiency with the Efficiency Trainer, ideal for eco-conscious drivers.
  • Go-Kart Mode: Ignite your drive with exhilarating performance and vibrant visuals.
  • Trail Mode: Get adventurous with a virtual compass and terrain incline info displayed on the OLED screen.
  • Vivid Mode: Enjoy a multisensory experience as your ambient lighting syncs with your music's album art.

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