2025 Mini Cooper Interior & Color

2025 Mini Cooper Interior & Color Overview

2025 Mini Cooper Interior & Colour

The 2025 Mini Cooper at Mini Edmonton is a celebration of both classic charm and modern innovation, tailored perfectly for the discerning Albertan driver. With a choice of stylings that include the Classic Style and Favoured Style, along with the sumptuous Premier+ package, this iconic compact car is ready to impress with its luxurious interior features and vivid colour options.

Classic Style: A Timeless Appeal

Step inside the Classic Style Mini Cooper, and you're greeted by the elegance of Vescin/cloth combination upholstery, available in striking black and blue or serene grey and blue configurations. This theme harmonizes seamlessly with the body-coloured roof and sports steering wheel, exuding a sense of sophistication that's both inviting and refined.

The heated steering wheel ensures every journey begins with comfort, especially during those brisk Edmonton winters. With 17-inch alloy wheels as standard and an 18-inch option available, the Mini Cooper combines aesthetics with performance seamlessly.

Favoured Style: Sporty and Sleek

For those who prefer a more dynamic driving environment, the Favoured Style offers sport seats and an exclusive black roofliner, enhancing the car's athletic feel. The upholstery choices of Vescin Nightshade blue or Vescin Beige infuse the interior with a contemporary, upscale vibe, perfect for those who appreciate a more modern aesthetic in their vehicle.

Like the Classic Style, the Favoured Style also features a heated and sports-oriented steering wheel, complemented by the same versatile wheel options, ensuring that luxury and comfort are never compromised.

Premier+ Package: Ultimate Luxury

The Premier+ package elevates the Mini Cooper to new heights of luxury and technological advancement. This premium package includes all the features of the Premier line with significant enhancements such as an alarm system, comfort access, and an auto-dimming and folding mirror package. The inclusion of an interior camera and the Driving Assistant Plus, including Stop-and-Go, ensures utmost safety and convenience.

Entertainment and navigation are also top-tier in the Premier+ with the Harman/Kardon surround sound system and MINI Navigation AR, making every drive not just a journey, but an experience.

Built for Edmonton

Every aspect of the 2025 Mini Cooper's design considers the local climate and lifestyle. Whether it's the heated elements for winter comfort or the robust alloy wheels suited for both city and country roads, this vehicle is impeccably adapted to Edmonton's unique environment.

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At Mini Edmonton, we understand that your car is not just a means of transportation, but an expression of your personal style. The 2025 Mini Cooper is here to amplify that statement, with interior and colour options that reflect your taste and meet your highest expectations. Discover how the Mini Cooper can make every drive an extraordinary one.

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