2024 Mini Countryman JCW Fuel Efficiency

2024 Mini Countryman JCW Fuel Efficiency


2024 Mini Countryman JCW Fuel Efficiency

The 2024 Mini Countryman JCW is the stretched version of the Mini that has been tweaked to provide sparkling performance alongside the iconic Mini look. JCW, or John Cooper Works, is the long-standing racing decision for Mini that has been tweaking these popular little cars for many years. 


The Countryman JCW uses a gas-powered 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine that produces 312 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque. This motor is paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission that can be shifted with paddle shifters. This motor has been upgraded by the JCW team to ensure maximum performance using advanced, dual-drive turbos and unthrottled air intakes. 

Fuel Efficiency

Natural Resources Canada indicates that a driver can expect to get around 10.1 L/100 km around town and  7.6 L/100 km on the highway.

For a performance-turned vehicle, these fuel figures are excellent, so what contributes to making the Countryman JCW both fuel-efficient and performance-oriented?

Factors Influencing the Fuel Efficiency of the Mini Countryman JCW

The Mini Countryman is a perfect example of our ability to combine performance with style and versatility to produce a small SUV that stands taller than its heels.


The engineers at BMW have spent many hours fine-tuning the aerodynamics of the Mini Countryman. All the body panels have been subjected to scrutiny, and the resulting body has a drag coefficient of 0.26, making it one of the most aerodynamic vehicles on the road. 

This aerodynamic shape allows the Countryman JCW to slip through the air with little resistance, allowing the car to use as little fuel as possible.

ALL4 (Four-wheel-drive System)

Using this system, the Countryman JCW can run in a two-wheel drive and only move into a four-wheel drive when the computer recognizes that there’s a loss of traction, so the drive is sent to all four wheels instead of just the front two.

This helps fuel efficiency as two-wheel drive uses less fuel than four-wheel drive. The driver is unaware of the transition from two to four-wheel drive as it is seamless. 

Tire Size

The tire diameter has been increased by 30mm, and the width increased to 245mm. The new tire size is paired with aerodynamically optimized 19 or 20-inch wheels that are specific to the JCW range.

This Countryman is Exceptional!

The Mini Countryman JCW is a brilliant mix of looks and comfort underpinned by world-leading technology, ensuring fuel efficiency and thrilling performance. Test drive this great SUV at MINI Edmonton today!

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