2024 MINI Cooper Convertible vs 2023 Audi TT Roadster

2024 MINI Cooper Convertible Comparison
2023 Audi TT Roadster Comparison

Spec Comparison

2024 MINI Cooper Convertible 2023 Audi TT Roadster
MSRP* $43,556 NA
Engine litres (L) 1.5 2.0
Cylinder configuration I3 I4
Horsepower (hp) 134 10.5
Torque (lb-ft) 162 8.0
Fuel economy - city (L/100 km) 8.2 - 8.6 10.5
Fuel economy - highway (L/100 km) 6.2 - 6.3 8.0
Fuel economy - combined (L/100 km) 6.2 - 8.6 10.5 - 8.0
Exterior length (mm) 3,838 4,191
Exterior body width (mm) 1,727 1,831
Exterior body height (mm) 1,415 1,354
Wheelbase (mm) 2,494 2,504
Interior cargo volume (L) 160 212
Maximum interior cargo volume (L) NA 212
Front legroom (mm) 1,052 1,044
Rear legroom (mm) 785 734
Front headroom (mm) 1,011 930
Rear headroom (mm) 991 858
Front shoulder room (mm) 1,295 1,361

2024 MINI Cooper Convertible vs 2023 Audi TT Roadster

The convertible segment offers a range of exciting options, and two cars that stand out are the 2024 MINI Cooper Convertible and the 2023 Audi TT Roadster. Both vehicles have unique features and exceptional design elements, making it challenging to choose between them. Let's examine these convertibles' performance, technology, and safety aspects to help you make an informed decision.

2024 MINI Cooper Convertible Performance Comparison

Performance Comparison

The 2024 MINI Cooper Convertible has a standard 134 horsepower turbocharged 1.5-litre three-cylinder engine. This engine delivers adequate power for its small, lightweight, front-wheel-drive design. However, for those seeking more performance, the MINI Cooper S models offer an 189 horsepower turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine, providing an exhilarating driving experience.

On the other hand, the 2023 Audi TT Roadster boasts a turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine generating 228 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque. For even more power, the TTS variant features a tuned version of the same engine, delivering 288 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque. Both models are equipped with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, and Quattro all-wheel drive.


2023 Audi TT Roadster Technology Comparison

Technology Comparison

The 2024 MINI Cooper Convertible has an 8.8-inch infotainment display and a digital gauge cluster as standard features. SiriusXM satellite radio is also included across the lineup. However, if you desire advanced features like Apple CarPlay, in-dash navigation, or wireless phone charging, you must pay extra for those upgrades.

In contrast, the 2023 Audi TT Roadster offers a comprehensive suite of technology features. The TT comes with navigation, a premium audio system, and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration. All infotainment functions are displayed in the digital gauge cluster in front of the driver.

Safety Comparison

The 2024 MINI Cooper Convertible prioritizes safety with standard automated emergency braking, lane-departure warning, and available adaptive cruise control. These features work together to enhance safety and provide peace of mind during your convertible adventures.

In comparison, the 2023 Audi TT Roadster lacks certain advanced safety features. Neither the TT nor the TTS models are available with forward-collision warning, automated emergency braking, or drowsy-driver monitoring. These features, however, are standard or optional for many of TT's competitors.

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