2024 Mini 5 Door Safety

22024 Mini 5 Door Safety


2024 Mini 5 Door - Safety Features

The 2024 Mini 5 Door packs a turbocharged engine that delivers the spirited driving performance that drivers want. With five doors and reliable fuel efficiency, the car offers practicality without sacrificing style. However, with superior handling capabilities, safety features are crucial. Read on to explore the standard features protecting you while driving the Mini 5 Door.

Lane Departure Warning

With the lane departure warning, the car will always have your back on the highway. The feature detects any drifts from your lane and alerts you with visual and vibration warnings. This allows you to act quickly and stay out of harm's way.

Rear-View Camera with Park Distance Control

The standard rear-view camera gives you a crisp view of what is behind you. It also provides on-screen guidance using markers to help you steer into a parking spot. The acoustic distance warnings and audio tone alert you when an object is close to help you avoid collisions.

Dynamic Stability Control

Stability is crucial for an agile car, especially when driving on difficult terrains. The Mini 5 Door assists you during these situations, thanks to the dynamic stability control. Using braking and engine deceleration to adjust the power going to the wheels, the Mini helps you eliminate under-steering and over-steering issues.

Driver Assistance System

The driver assistance system thinks ahead to help you make informed decisions through notifications. By using cameras, the system keeps you updated on what is happening around the vehicle while you enjoy the ride. It will alert you of changing driving conditions and prepare the car for braking at high speeds.

Rollover Protection System

Although hidden from view, the rollover protection system takes action within a fraction of a second. The system is placed within the rear belt outlet and is covered with elegant matte black caps. This frame-mounted safety bar will be deployed to protect passengers when it detects a rollover.

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