2024 Mini 5 Door Interior

2024 Mini 5-Door Interior


2024 Mini 5-Door Interior

The 2024 Mini 5-Door is every bit as cute and appealing as its three-door sister but has the added convenience of back doors that open, making entry and exit so much easier. The interior of the Mini is stylish, modern, and comfortable, making each journey a great driving experience.


Opening the door of the Mini, you’ll notice the seats first. There’s seating for five, with two front seats and a bench rear seat. The rear seat will fold forward to provide additional cargo space when required.

The seats are upholstered in black leatherette, and the front seats are heated. There’s a range of upholstery options, but some options are only available for sport-style seats.

Steering Wheel

As you sit in the driver’s seat, your attention is grabbed by the heated, leather-clad steering wheel, with its iconic Mini winged logo, in front of you. The steering wheel has black insets on the horizontal spokes that house multi-functional buttons. With its soft touch and chunky feel, this steering wheel is more than just a functional tool for steering.

Digital Instrument Display

Housed behind the steering wheel is a 5.5-inch digital display screen. As the driver, you can choose what to display on this screen. There are many data points from which to choose, such as RPM, fuel levels, speed, drive modes, mileage, temperature and navigation instructions. 

Dash and Console

The centre console rises elegantly from between the front seats to join seamlessly with the dashboard. Both elements are made from high-quality materials that feel great. Where the two meet is a large chrome and gloss black bevel that houses the eight-inch infotainment screen and climate control settings. Redesigned air vents flank the bevel. Between the seats can be found the circular knob that manages the infotainment menus. This is very useful for drivers who wear gloves.

The infotainment system, essentially BMW’s iDrive, allows you Bluetooth connectivity, smartphone integration, navigation and the ability to display many data points from the vehicle.

Cargo Space

The Mini 5-Door is not intended as a minivan, but it will carry a surprisingly large load, especially if the rear seat is folded forward. In its five-seater configuration, there’s 278 litres of cargo space, but folding the seats increases that to 941 litres.

Mini in Name, Maxi in Comfort

The interior of the 5-Door Mini is the epitome of trendy good looks and functionality. The high-quality materials support easy-to-use systems that provide all the information and entertainment you need to make every journey a pleasure.

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