2024 Mini 5 Door Fuel Efficiency

2024 Mini 5 Door Fuel Efficiency


2024 Mini 5-Door Fuel Efficiency

If you’re shopping for your next vehicle, fuel efficiency is usually high on the list of priorities. Choosing a fuel-efficient car can reduce running costs significantly. It’ll also help the pollution emission problem, too. If you’ve been eyeing the 2024 Mini 5-Door, scroll down to discover how it fairs in fuel efficiency.

Twin Power Turbo Engines

The Mini 5-Door’s engine has dual turbochargers designed to create more power by pushing additional compressed air into the combustion chamber. The direct fuel injection ensures a swift turbo response and heightened fuel efficiency. More energy is conserved due to low torque speeds of 1,250 rpm. This results in reduced fuel consumption. It’s a win-win situation.

Green Mode

The ‘green’ mode is the eco-friendly driving option. It’s specifically designed to reduce fuel consumption. The amount of fuel flowing into the engine is more regulated, the climate control feature is moderated, and the transmission from the flywheel is disconnected when the gas pedal is released. The engine can also idle in stationary traffic situations, helping to reduce even more fuel. 

Lightweight Materials

The Mini 5 Door is designed with lightweight materials. The lighter suspension system is constructed in aluminum alloy, making it ideal for reducing fuel consumption. The engine itself is also assembled with lightweight steel, boosting fuel efficiency levels even further.


With a maximum tank capacity of 44 litres, the Mini 5-Door has a fuel range of 585 km. Premium Unleaded petrol is required for this vehicle. On average, the fuel economy is 7.3L/100km, costing $2,482 annually. City driving equates to an average of 8.3L/100km while travelling on the highway averages 6.4L/100km. The Mini Cooper S model has a slightly higher fuel economy average of 7.65L/100km, costing $2,550. The monetary difference is minimal.

Remember to put a visit to MINI Edmonton, Alberta, on your to-do list. Our professional staff have a thorough understanding of the Mini brand and are keen to share their knowledge with you. We’ll be happy to discuss all the 2024 Mini Cooper 5-Door fuel efficiency benefits and take you for an unforgettable test drive! 

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