2022 MINI Convertible-Fuel Efficiency

2022 MINI Convertible

2023 Mini Countryman Performance in Edmonton, Alberta

The Mini Countryman has a sleek exterior that wraps the powerful engine and beautiful interiors. The vehicle comes with a range of safety functions, navigation and infotainment systems in addition to performance-oriented options and attractive styling. Here's a look at the 2023 Mini Countryman performance.

2022 Mini Convertible Exterior2022 Mini Convertible Exterior2022 Mini Convertible Exterior


Twin Turbo Engines

The Mini Countryman might be compact, but it doesn't skimp when it comes to performance. The car features either a 3 or 4-cylinder engine, which is supremely powerful and fuel-efficient at the same time. It can deliver up to 301 hp with 331 lb-ft of torque, giving it a much-needed speed boost.

All Four All Wheel Drive

To provide better control, the Mini Countryman comes with an all-wheel drive which allows you to be a better path leader, irrespective of the terrain. The all-four provides better traction and stability control, no matter where you're headed.

Drive Modes

One of the best features of the Mini Countryman is the three drive modes it comes with. Go Green is the first one. This mode allows you to travel in cruise mode, saving as much fuel as possible. The second mode is the Sport mode, which gives your car maximum power to accelerate when you need to get to places quickly. The third is the Mid mode, which is a perfect blend of the above two modes. It provides speed with fuel efficiency.

Damper Control

To give you better control of your car, the Countryman comes with damper control. This allows you to toggle between the three drive modes and activates control features based on the mode. For example, when you're in sport mode, the damper control is ultra-responsive, especially around curves and corners.

Eight Speed Transmission

The compact Cooper comes with a powerful 8-speed automatic transmission so you can smoothly shift gear with a steptronic facility. In the JCW variant, the steering wheel is in a Formula One style, along with mounted paddle shifters, so you can control the vehicle with your fingers.

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The 2023 Mini Countryman delivers a performance like no other vehicle in its class. It has a powerful engine and unique features that make it a breeze to drive. We hope you enjoyed reading about the performance features of the Mini Countryman.

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