2021 MINI Cooper 5 Door Interior Features in Edmonton, AB

2021 MINI 5 Door Exterior Style

2021 MINI 5 Door Interior Features in Edmonton, Alberta

We know the exterior design of the MINI 5 door is attractive, but let's take a look inside and explore a beautifully laid out interior cabin that is comfortable and practical. MINI Edmonton is excited to showcase a new vehicle inventory that features one of the most exquisite interiors in the market.

Spacious Interior

The MINI 5 Door features an abundance of space for your passengers and cargo. Get in and get comfortable with a spacious cabin with seating for five, and now with a longer wheelbase, you get up to 941 litres of boot space. So if you love taking a weekend trip to the cottage, do not be worried.

Display Options

The MINI's digital instrument display provides all the relevant information you require front and centre. Its modern and sleek design is highlighted by a 5.5-inch screen that looks stunning.

Illuminated Trim

MINI drivers love spending time in two ways, one admiring their MINI because of its exterior design and secondly the eloquence of its interior. Since you will be spending more time inside your MINI, why not personalize. With the available MINI Your Illuminated Trim, you are able to customize your interior cabin with unique surfaces that are backlit by LEDs. The passengers' dash features a modern look at the Union Jack flag design.

Centre Stack

The centre stack of the MINI 5 door gives you everything you need within reach. A standard 8.8-inch touchscreen display with a new interface that is easy to use and allows you to access all your multimedia.

Head-up Display

Safety has always been the number one priority for MINI and keeping your eyes on the road the number one way to achieving it. With the MINI Head-up Display system, you will get all the correct information you need right in front of your line of sight. This available feature projects driving information like speed, speed limit, navigation and more. Helping you keep your eyes on the road at all times.

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