2021 MINI Cooper 5 Door - Exterior Style

2021 MINI 5 Door Exterior Style

2021 MINI 5 Door Exterior Features

MINI has always offered automotive consumers vehicles that excite the senses, from powerful engines to exterior design language. The 2021 MINI 5 door offers unique exterior design cues that set it apart from the competition and make sure you stand out from the crowd. At MINI Edmonton, we have a great selection of new vehicles that offer the best of German engineering, browse online or in-store and find your dream car.

Reimagined Grille

The exterior design of the MINI 5 Door has always attracted the eyes of onlookers with its bold front fascia that include a redesigned grille. Its unique design features a single unbroken hexagon, which runs from the hood to the lower bumper. Air inlets help create a more aerodynamic vehicle that helps with performance and fuel consumption.

Union Jack LED light

The Union Jack logo has been a part of the MINI for decades and to have it embedded in the taillights is just another way to pay homage to its history. Not only do they look great, but they also offer practicality; they emit brighter, clearer lights that are far more energy-efficient. Surrounded by a high-gloss Piano Black frame, they add a finishing touch to the already detailed rear end of the MINI.

MINI Scuttle Design

You can find unique design details throughout the 2021 MINI 5 door. The new side scuttles boast an innovative hexagonal design with LED turn indicators.

LED Headlight

Visibility is essential when enjoying a beautiful late-night drive. That's why the 2021 MINI 5 door features stand LED headlights with a high-gloss black inner-housing. They also feature LED cornering aids that activate with the steering wheel is turned to help light up corners.

Expressive Colours

The exterior design of the MINI is meant to engage the senses, so it only makes sense to offer colours that highlight the lines and curves. With a wide range of tones, the MINI 5 door has the perfect colour for your, helping to individualize your vehicle. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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