2021 MINI Clubman Safety Features

2021 MINI Clubman Exterior Features in Edmonton, Alberta

2021 MINI Clubman Safety Features

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2021 MINI Clubman Safety Overview

The 2021 MINI Clubman offers many active and passive safety features to protect you on the road. You will enjoy peace of mind knowing that your MINI is also monitoring your surroundings, and if a hazard is detected, it will sound an alert and get your safety systems ready to avoid it. Also, as standard, the Clubman comes with an ALL4 all-wheel-drive system, increasing traction by driving all four wheels, giving you confidence as you navigate all conditions.

2021 MINI Clubman Safety Features

No-charge Scheduled Maintenance

The first step to keeping your MINI safe is following the maintenance intervals, which you won't have to worry about paying for with No-charge Scheduled Maintenance. This coverage is a part of the initial price of your MINI, and it covers up to three years or 40,000 km, whichever comes first. With this coverage, you will also maintain your vehicle's value, and you have the option to extend this coverage.

Dynamic Stability Control

Dynamic Stability Control utilizes the braking system and engine deceleration to alter power delivery to the wheels to correct under-steer and over-steer situations. This feature gives you more control over your MINI and improves safety on the road.

Parking Assist

With Parking Assist, you will have no problem parking in the tightest of spaces, as it offers a semi-autonomous function that takes control of the steering as your reverse back into the spot. All you have to do is take charge of the accelerator and brakes to guide the steering while viewing what's behind with the Rear-View Camera.

Rear-View Camera

As standard, the Review-View Camera gives you a high-definition live feed of what's behind and helps you steer with the on-screen guidance markers. As you approach an object behind, the acoustic distance warning will play an audio tone to reflect how close your MINI is to that object.

Driver Assistant System

This system uses camera-based detection to alert you to changes to driving conditions, new speed limits, and pedestrians on the road. You will also benefit from shorter stopping distances when travelling at higher speeds since this system will prime your brakes in anticipation. The available Active Cruise Control maintains a safe distance from the vehicles ahead to give you more time to respond.

Eight Airbags

The airbag system consists of two front, two side-impact, two ceiling-mounted side-curtain, and two knee airbags to protect you and your passengers from the force of an impact. Depending on the strength of the crash, the airbags will inflate to match it, and it can help protect against a second impact.

Wheel Disc Brakes

On your Clubman, you will have a high-performance Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), which helps regain steering during low traction situations by pulsing brake pressure to let you steer away from danger. You will also have disc brakes on all four corners to give you the best braking performance.

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