2021 Mini 5 Door - Fuel Efficiency

2021 Mini 5 Door fuel efficiency in Edmonton, AB

2021 MINI 5 Door Fuel Efficiency in Edmonton, Alberta

Fuel efficiency is on the minds of many consumers, so it's only natural for automotive consumers to provide for their needs. MINI is a manufacturer that focuses on not just fuel efficiency but also having fun. The 2021 MINI 5 Door is a perfect example of this with its Twin Power Turbo engines and improved fuel efficiency technology.

At MINI Edmonton, we invite you to browse our new vehicle inventory and find the perfect MINI for your lifestyle and find out why we are your preferred MINI dealer in Alberta.

Variable Valve Timing

Variable value time has been called many things. One thing it is for sure, it an advanced way to not only provide exceptional performance but fantastic fuel economy. Typically an engine that didn't have an efficient valve timing system would push fuel into the engine cylinders at a consistent flow irrelevant of the amount of pedal pressure. With MINI's system, the intake valves are monitored by an advanced system that controls the exact amount of lift for each valve. So at low speeds, the engine is not starved, and at full throttle, the valves are opened completely to deliver an exciting drive.

Twin Power Turbo

Many manufacturers have transitioned to smaller turbocharged engines for two main reasons; fuel efficiency and power to weight ratio. MINI is no different; however, their approach involves more excitement. MINI's Twin Power Turbo technology utilizes smaller displacement engines with turbochargers and direct injection. The system offers exceptional responsiveness and power, with maximum torque coming on at just 1,250 rpm.

Green Mode

The 2021 MINI 5 Door was designed and engineered to enjoy and experience at its full potential; however, if you are looking to reduce the number of trips you take to the pump, it has a perfect solution. Active Green Mode with the touch of a button and your MINI will adjust and optimize many of the fuel consumption systems to deliver exceptional fuel economy.

Lightweight Materials

The use of lightweight materials was made famous in the racecar world. If a racecar could shed weight, it could go faster and longer. Bringing this technology to MINI vehicles was important because MINI wants you to enjoy your vehicle but also save at the pumps. From the suspension to the chassis, the use of lightweight materials is extensive. Please contact us for more information about the 2021 MINI 5 Door.

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