2021 MINI 3 Door Connectivity

2021 MINI 3 Door Fuel Efficiency in Edmonton, Alberta

2021 MINI 3 Door Fuel Efficiency

MINI is known for many things, and with the new generation of vehicles, fuel efficiency is at the top of the list. The 2021 MINI 3 Door offers impressive technologies that help you save at the pump while also enjoying your MINI to its fullest.

At MINI Edmonton, we invite you to browse our new vehicle inventory and pick a vehicle that will not only provide you excitement behind the wheel but a fuel-efficient experience.

Variable Valve Timing

Variable Value Timing is a technology that has been around for decades and has witnessed an evolution. If we look back and marvel at where we are now, it truly shows that MINI is at the forefront of engine technology. Instead of dumping excess fuel into the chambers, variable valve timing consistently measures the amount of pressure on the throttle and regulates airflow into each engine cylinder. Valvetronic controls the lift of each intake valve and helps to avoid insufficient airflow at low speeds. However, when you put the pedal to the metal, the system opens up the valves and provides a driving experience you will love.

Twin-turbo Engine

MINI's next-generation engine technology features Twin Power Turbo engines that include direct injection. This pairing allows for rapid turbo response and outstanding fuel efficiency. These engines are engineered to boost to peak torque at just 1,250 rpm.

Green Mode

Enjoying your MINI is only natural; however, if you want to take a more green approach, you can utilize Green Driving Mode. This system optimizes throttle response and other fuel consumption functions to provide better fuel efficiency.

Lightweight Material

MINI's Twin Power Turbo engines are the first step to a fuel-efficient vehicle. Weight is one of the primary reasons for more fuel consumption; with MINI, you will find lightweight materials incorporated throughout the vehicle. From suspension components to the chassis, your MINI is optimized for weight savings. Please contact us for more information regarding this amazing vehicle.

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