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The history and innovation found behind MINI makes it one of the most resilient and timeless cars still available to our generation. With over 50 years already gone by it has become one of the most fuel efficient, practical, and surprising vehicles available to put on your driveway today. Not only do they revolutionize the industry by providing a highly customized experience to you as a customer, they follow a business model that focusses on innovation to ensure that they are able to go green and minimize waste and inefficiencies.

These innovations include new drive modes with an emphasis on fuel economy, a modernized powertrain system capable of streamlining several vehicle functions without your knowledge, and aero-dynamic lightweight construction. On top of these new age revolutionary technologies we cannot forget what has stayed consistent in the MINI brand name through the generations. With wheels located at the corners of the vehicle, and strategic placement of the engine you not only get phenomenal handling, but great stability and grip on the road.

50 years ago when facing a crisis and increased fuel prices across Europe, MINI raised the bar by creating a practical, four passenger vehicle, that was both affordable and fuel efficient. Spreading like wildfire over Europe it took a few decades before we were able to enjoy the MINI experience in North America, but the wait was definitely worth it. With over seven models available in stores today, including the Cooper Clubman, Convertible, Countryman, Coupe, Hardtop, Paceman, and Roadster, there is sure to be a MINI out there for you.

Any of these models is available with your choice of one of three engines. The standard, fuel efficient, 121 HP 4-Cyl engine in the Cooper, more powerful 181 HP Cooper S engine, and finally the brand new barely allowed on the streets 208 HP John Cooper Works (JCW) model. Finally, a manufacturer that offers your choice of engine no matter what model you go with.

In addition MINI has made a few other things standard on every model purchased, including a no-charge maintenance package for three years or 50,000 KM on any new model, four years of unlimited KM roadside assistance, and a MINI Warranty of four years or 80,000 KM.

Knowing the craftsmanship and quality of the MINI brand, and having it backed with such a strong warranty what are you waiting for?

It is time to find out more about which MINI model you should select today.

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Un-Paralelled Craftsmanship and Quality

2014 MINI Cooper in Edmonton

The MINI Clubman is designed for those who need a little more space than is provided in the traditional MINI Hatch or Hardtop model. With 2 rear split doors, and a unique side door it offers greater access to the specious interior. Looks can be deceiving with this model and even though it is larger than other MINI models the handling capabilities and unique exterior design.  

If you are looking to show off in the summertime with your top off then look no further than the MINI Convertible. By being developed with a low center of gravity, reduced weight, and higher torque engines it is capable of delivering exceptional performance at all times. The MINI Convertible allows you to drive with a top up, down, or half up based on your mood and the weather. It will show you a good time at all times.

Traditionalists will love the Hatch or Hardtop model. Sticking true to its roots and the original MINI design from 1959 the Cooper S or John Cooper Works will blow you away and provide you with a driving experience that only a MINI can. Once again the light weight design, wider wheel base with wheels at the corners, and turbo charged engine deliver performance you have to experience to truly believe. Almost like a go-kart on steroids the classic MINI hatch will outperform most vehicles on the road without breaking your bank at the fuel pump.

No matter what your needs are, we have a MINI for you!

If you are looking for a change then you are sure to love the MINI Coupe model. Instead of the traditional four seater fuel machine the Coupe has been modified to have two seats, a low center of gravity, and aerodynamic design to provide you with superior acceleration. With a 0-100 KM/H time of only 6.9 seconds, which is further reduced to 6.4 seconds in the John Cooper Works edition you will have no problems catching the light before it turns red. Combine this speed with a new look and you’ll be turning heads everywhere you go.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to experience MINI vehicles for yourself go find out why this brand is still receiving the recognition it does today. Each MINI model has been built and designed with a different strength in mind. By offering a versatile core vehicle line MINI has shown us why they have been around for over 50 years and we are confident that there will be many more to go.

Those interested in finding out about any MINI models not mentioned can contact the friendly and helpful staff at Edmonton MINI.

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