Edmonton Mini's Service Department

For quality vehicle service that you can feel good about, let the Edmonton Mini Service Department professionals help you. At our service shop, we have a full team of trained, professional vehicle technicians with years of real-world experience. From routine oil change service, to some of the more comprehensive repairs, our team can get your vehicle running like new. We know everyone has a busy schedule so we strive to provide fast and accurate service. You can contact a Service Professional any time at 780-475-2356 or visit us in person, our doors are always open and you are always welcome at Edmonton Mini. Schedule a service appointmet today!



Why service your vehicle with us?

There are probably a lot of places you can think of to take your vehicle for service, however, we think that you will be hard pressed to find a place that can offer you all that the Edmonton Mini Service Department can. We staff a full team of professional mechanics with all of the tools, equipment and knowledge to tackle just about any service or maintenance procedure you can think of, with speed and accuracy.

Speaking of speed and accuracy, those are the two driving principles for everything we do at our service shop. Having a reliable and safe vehicle is something that everybody needs available to them, and when you trust something that important to the Edmonton Mini Service Department, rest assured your vehicle won't leave our shop until it is in proper working condition. Even though quality always comes first, we know that you cannot afford to be without your vehicle for too long, so we are always concious of your time. Every step of the way, the Edmonton Mini Service Department professionals keep our customers informed on; how long the service is expected to take, what needs to be done, and how much the service will cost. No games, no guessing, and no unwanted surprises, just honest work you can feel good about every time.

Mini vehicles are among some of the most precise and high-quality vehicles on the road and we know this because we work with them every day. After spending so much time with the Mini brand, we have come to really appreciate what can be done when high-quality parts are being worked. So when it comes time for Mini repair or any vehicle repair, the Edmonton Mini Service Department is insistent they use only the highest of quality parts.

In fact, we even stock many of the most commonly used parts for maintenance and repair on hand in our service shop. By taking a little extra time to focus on quality parts, we improve our turnaround times and quality of work all while keeping our prices at an extremely competitive rate


Fluid Changes

Edmonton Mini provides a comprehensive fluid change service, available in a variety of packages. Services including coolant, filter, and oil change or replacement. 


Front End Alignment

In the event of a collision or accident, Edmonton Mini offers a speedy and easy realignment of your front wheels. 


Maintenance (Wipers, Headlights, Etc.)

Edmonton Mini isn’t afraid to get down to the nitty-gritty. No matter how menial or small the fix is, we have you covered. Everything from everyday maintenance to complex mechanical fixes.


Brake Adjustment | Replacement

Brakes get warn down over time. It's a product of driving, and one that we can't really avoid. Luckily, Edmonton Mini has a comprehensive service team ready to take on any brake service your vehicle may need. 


Service Packages

Edmonton Mini offers a variety of service bundles. Our basic maintenance package covers everything from your wipers, to your headlights and beyond. 


Muffler | Exhaust Repair

A small piece of maintenance that usually goes ignored. Just a small example of how no job is too small for Edmonton Mini. 



Vehicle Inspection | Checkup

A crucial part for any purchase or sale of a vehicle. Edmonton Mini’s expert technicians offer both checkup and inspection services. 


Electrical Services

Edmonton Mini handles all electrical services; dash lights, display issues, anything elctrical inside or out.


Tire Maintenance

Edmonton Mini's Tire services include: tire Balance, rotation, and replacement.