2017 Mini Cooper Hardtop

Style is eternal. It’s also something that can’t really be forced. It’s something that has to come inherent in a person’s being. Sure you can learn to be stylish, but true style comes from something deep within. This is true in fashion as well as in the automotive industry, and while style works a little differently when it comes to things on four wheels, there still comes a natural ability to styling a vehicle. Some vehicle makers have it, and they are able to innovate or simply be different, while others are stuck simply being cheap imitations of great designs. But those that are truly innovators of style are easily identified. One vehicle brand that is inarguably a brand with style and one that is certainly different is MINI.

MINI Edmonton is a dealership that is proud of their vehicles. They provide one of the most knowledgeable staffs in the Edmonton area. Their knowledge is only surpassed by their enthusiasm for their vehicle roster. MINI vehicles come in variety of models, like the 2016 Mini Countryman or the 2016 Clubman, both of which look and feel like MINI vehicles but are still very different. But nothing is more classic, more iconic, than the MINI hardtop.

The 2017 MINI Hardtop is the classic MINI vehicle you know and love. It’s the coolest thing driving on Edmonton roads. It’s deceptively fast, and comfortable, with technology that feels futuristic in nature. MINI Vehicles turn heads. They are cool, and they are a vehicle you can be proud of. Let’s take a closer look.

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Interior Design

When it comes to the interior design of a vehicle, few do it more effectively than MINI. MINI isn`t exactly known for its size. Despite that, the Interior of the MINI Hardtop is deceptively spacious. It`s a stylish take on efficiency. Because of the MINI’s design, it allows for maximum room inside a minimum amount of space. The seating arrangement allows for plenty of foot room while always feeling snug in your seat, which provides limited movement, and maximum safety and comfort. Perfect for taking tight corners at top speeds. Every inch of the tightly crafted interior of the MINI Hardtop is designed to create a driving experience that is unique to MINI. A drive that feels feisty, and more importantly, fun.

Physically, the MINI isn`t the biggest vehicle on the road. But when it comes to the automotive industry, size isn`t everything, it`s what you can do with it. It`s stylized with technology at its base, with a dash of wood trim accenting this intellectual design. The seats are wrapped in a gorgeous cross punch leather that puts the finishing touches on a highly stylized interior.

Speaking of technology, the MINI Hardtop`s compact interior is jammed full of exciting and fresh technology. Everything from top level audio features, to rear view camera, navigation, and much more.  Each piece of tech is implemented to enhance your drive in a way that it provides you something where you feel safe, knowledgeable, and are able to enjoy every minute of your commute. 

2625 lbs
162 LB-FT 

Exterior Design

The MINI look is world famous. It’s both something that is eye-catching as a vehicle itself, and instantly identifiable as a brand. There’s simply nothing like it driving around anywhere, and there’s a good reason that despite evolutions over the years, a MINI vehicle still very much looks like a MINI vehicle. The 2017 MINI Hardtop is no different.

Part of what makes the exterior look so iconic is the overall shape of the vehicle. Though the newer models, particularly with the 2017 Hardtop, you have a more rounded, smooth take of that classic angled shape. Leading the charge is the bug-eyed front face, with the tiny little smile that is the MINI mesh grille. The MINI sits low and stands rather tall in comparison to previous models, but still offers a wide stance that feels almost feisty. Like it’s ready to pounce at a moment’s notice.



Mini Connected

A multimedia control center based around a 6.5-inch HD a screen. Mini Connected combines with your phone to keep you up to date on your social feeds, need-to-know driving information, navigation, apps, and of course access to your own person soundtrack.


Journey Mate App

An app that allows you to plot your trip, with a plethora of need to know information like real-time traffic, weather, your gas mileage, and even access to your calendar appointment so you know you’ll never be late. Also helps to notify you of nearby gas stations and parking lots. 


HeadUp Display

An intuitive and ingenious multimedia system that pairs with your smartphone to provide you one of the most comprehensive drives. It lets you track down popular restaurants, hotels, navigation, and of course, customize your driving soundtrack.


Why buy a 2017 Mini Cooper Hardtop?

MINI Vehicles are one of a kind. They aren’t exactly luxury vehicles, though they feature plenty of comfort and technology that provides such. They aren’t quite sports cars, though they have performance that with sends chills down your spine and will have your skin bumpy with goose flesh. They look and feel unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. The 2017 Hardtop is the classic MINI vehicle brought to the modern age. Book a test drive today!