2017 Mini Convertible

Evolution is a strange thing. It simultaneously happens right before our eyes, without us knowing, while we are also engineers of said evolution. This is especially true when it comes to the automotive industry. The way we design engines, and safety mechanics evolves with technology, which is a slightly more active way to evolve. But styling a vehicle, that is something which happens a bit more organically. There’s a sort of aesthetic survival of the fittest that happens with design, and while some things seem like a great idea in the moment, time is the only true judge of quality. There’s a reason why things like the mullet, or the DeLorean, withered away while other things have lasted. The DeLorean is a bit of an exception due to its tie to the Back to the Future franchise, though you still don’t see many of those bad boys roaming Edmonton roads, do you?  There are certain looks, certain vehicles that stand the test of time. One of the most memorable, and iconic looks in the history of the automotive industry belongs to MINI.

The 2017 MINI Convertible will undoubtedly be one of the most enjoyable rides you’ll find in the Edmonton area. It’s not just something that’s fun to look at, it promises performance that will thrill you, with an interior that will always keep you entertained. It’s not your ordinary automobile. Let’s take a closer look.

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Interior Design

MINI is a company known for its styling, known for being cool. The 2017 MINI Convertible certainly fits that description. MINI vehicles aren’t exactly the biggest thing driving Edmonton roads, yet they manage to produce an interior that feels spacious and comfortable, no matter where you sit. It’s designed in an efficient manner, one that allows you to take advantage of the space offered. While inside, you’ll never feel cramped or uncomfortable. But while the MINI Convertible is a cozy ride, it’s primarily a vehicle that is meant to be driven, therefore the most opportune place to sit is of course the driver’s seat.

From the moment you settle into the MINI Convertible, you know you’re not in for a something typical. Physically, the interior of the MINI Convertible is designed with performance as a leading theme with just enough luxury to provide a level of class that is often missing in performance vehicles. The MINI Convertible is wrapped in gorgeous malt brown leather that really ties the entire interior together.

MINI vehicles are lined with the hottest and most innovative technology. Starting with a centre console that prominently features a stunning in-dash display, the MINI Convertible is both highly stylized and highly functional in its implementation of technology. It has a colored ring that outlines the console, offering a different color depending on which driving mode you choose. It’s an interior that is customizable, and built to be suitable, no matter what kind of drive you want. 

2855 lbs
162 LB-FT 

Exterior Design

The MINI look is unique. It’s a look that you instantly recognize. It’s completely unlike anything else driving on Edmonton roads, and that’s something we’re proud of. Factor in the added change that the top down look offers, and you get one of the most distinct and interesting looking vehicles driving on Edmonton roads.

There’s just something about MINI vehicles that makes them instantaneously cool. It’s a mix of MINI’s iconic look and respected reputation from years of producing a unique automobile. The 2017 takes that same look and brings it into the 21st century. It has a front face that is rounded, with two bug-eyed headlights on either side, which makes the MINI looks like its constantly grinning. It’s got a muscular body, and stout back end that makes it look both strong, and ready to get up and go in seconds.



Mini Connected

A multimedia control center based around a 6.5-inch HD a screen. Mini Connected combines with your phone to keep you up to date on your social feeds, need-to-know driving information, navigation, apps, and of course access to your own person soundtrack.


Journey Mate App

An app that allows you to plot your trip, with a plethora of need to know information like real-time traffic, weather, your gas mileage, and even access to your calendar appointment so you know you’ll never be late. Also helps to notify you of nearby gas stations and parking lots. 


HeadUp Display

An intuitive and ingenious multimedia system that pairs with your smartphone to provide you one of the most comprehensive drives. It lets you track down popular restaurants, hotels, navigation, and of course, customize your driving soundtrack.


Why buy a 2017 Mini Convertible?

MINI vehicles are unlike any other. Uniqueness is a rare quality in the automotive industry. Typically, when something new and interesting comes along, the copycats aren’t too far behind. But no one has tried to replicate MINI’s success, because frankly, it can’t. MINI vehicles are all-encompassing. Performance beasts, with a uniquely gorgeous exterior, with an interior filled with exciting technology. The 2017 MINI Convertible is the cornerstone of the MINI brand. Book a test drive today!