2017 Mini Clubman

Creating something distinct, something that stands out, is always going to get noticed. When it comes to the automotive industry, that is only step one on the road on doing something different. While doing something different is important, it is equally, if not more important, to produce something of quality. At the very least, to be respected in the automotive industry, you need to do both. Few automakers trust themselves enough to create something new. Most are happy with small innovations or simply following the lead of others. Some vehicle brands go above and beyond. They produce vehicles that not only create buzz but deliver in all departments as well. No other vehicle stands out more, while simultaneously producing a vehicle that surpasses any expectation than MINI.

MINI Edmonton wears its MINI colors proud. It’s a dealership that takes its job seriously and loves its product. Our staff is equally passionate about the MINI brand, and because of this, they are some of the most knowledgeable and enthusiastic people working in the industry. How could they not be? We offer a unique vehicle slate that is exclusively offered by us. And that slate is something to boast about. Just look at the 2017 MINI Hardtop and the 2017 MINI Convertible, two of MINI’s most iconic models. But those are just the beginning. MINI is capable of much more.

Introducing, the 2017 MINI Clubman. A vehicle with guts. Let’s take a closer look. 

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Interior Design

MINI vehicles have style. It’s a fact evident throughout their entire design. When it comes to MINI, the interior isn’t always the first thing you think of when thinking about MINI vehicles. But maybe it should be. Despite its size, MINI vehicles offer a pretty sizable amount of space inside. The MINI Clubman is designed in a way so that every inch of its small frame is used to improve your drive. There is plenty of space no matter what seat you’re positioned in. From the back row, you’re in for a fun-filled ride and a comfortable one at that. In the front passenger, you get a great view of the world ahead, as well as perfect access to many of the great interior features that MINI offers. The front driver’s seat is clearly the best position, but that’s not to degrade the other seats, it’s owed purely to the fact that driving a MINI is an entirely unique experience in its own right.

The Clubman is a vehicle designed to be driven, and to be driven fast. That is evident in its physical design, which is clearly performance driven in its styling. It’s designed with a touch of class, with colored accents that match the exterior color of the vehicle. The MINI display cluster offers a gorgeous display ring, one that also changes with each driving mode.

Speaking of technology, this is where the MINI Clubman truly shines. It starts with connectivity. We live in a world now that prioritizes staying connected, and MINI does an excellent job at maintaining that lifestyle. Through Bluetooth connectivity, navigation, and even a Head-UP Display, you quickly absorb more information without ever having to take your eyes off the road, thanks to MINI’s technology based interior design. It’s all there to help make your drive more memorable, and more enjoyable. 

2625 lbs
162 LB-FT

Exterior Design

MINI vehicles have a specific vibe to them, one that belongs entirely to MINI. The 2017 Clubman adds to that, bringing its own unique look and feel to the MINI brand. It rides lower and has a longer front end and body. It is undoubtedly one of the most interesting vehicle concepts driving on Edmonton roads.

  MINI has never been one to follow in people’s footsteps. It does its own thing and it does it well. The 2017 MINI Clubman is headed by a front grille that embodies the MINI design and expands on it. It has the face of a MINI with some tweaks. Its front end is rounder and has a slight slope upwards towards the front hood. It has that iconic bug-eyed look that has made MINI so famous. It looks like a vehicle that can perform, one that can perform in style.




3-Cylinder Twin Power Turbo engine


40 Highway / 29 City

Cooper S


4-Cylinder Twin Power Turbo engine

6-Speed dual

31 Highway / 23 City

John Cooper Works


4-Cylinder Twin Power Turbo engine

6-Speed dual

31 Highway / 23 City



HeadUp Display

An intuitive and ingenious multimedia system that pairs with your smartphone to provide you one of the most comprehensive drives. It lets you navigate, track down popular restaurants and hotels, and of course, customize your driving soundtrack.


Journey Mate App

An app that allows you to plot your trip, with a plethora of need to know information like real-time traffic, weather, your gas mileage, and even access to your calendar appointments so you know you’ll never be late. It also helps to notify you of nearby gas stations and parking lots. 


Mini Connected

A multimedia control center based around a 6.5-inch HD a screen. Mini Connected pairs with your smartphone to keep you up to date on your social feeds, need-to-know driving information, navigation, apps, and of course access to your own person soundtrack.



Why buy a 2017 Mini Clubman?

MINI vehicles are unlike any other. They stand out amongst the crowd and do so willfully. They are no longer just a cool throwback or something that fills a niche. Mini is something that has driven itself into the mainstream. It’s the cool new vehicle on the block and it plans to stay that way by continuing to produce vehicles that offer unmatched performance, style, and technology. MINI isn’t your everyday automobile, and it’s proud of that fact. Book a test drive today!