2017 MINI Countryman

The MINI brand has cultivated a reputation, a following that has pushed its popularity and recognition beyond just a cult vehicle, into something that has penetrated the mainstream. It’s a vehicle brand that has expanded considerably over the last two decades and brought forward a vehicle brand that is both diverse whiles also being one with a vigorous and unique identity. Never has that idea been more evident than with the 2017 MINI Countryman.

The 2017 MINI Countryman is a vehicle designed to help you experience life’s most daring adventures. It’s a car that puts forward a surprising amount of power, considering its stature, as well as being one of the most advanced vehicles driving on roads anywhere in the world. It reaches a level of intelligence, both in design and in its implementation of technology that pushes past the realm of innovation, and into the realm of art. Let’s take a closer look. 



The MINI design hasn’t much changed over the years, and that’s because it hasn’t had to. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The 2017 MINI Countryman carries on that tradition, with a small frame and strong body, but adds enough changes to make it an exciting addition to the MINI roster. The Countryman is a more rugged, tougher build to it, with a robust backend that gives it a more powerful stance that most models.  The bigger body makes it a more menacing machine, but it’s not a vehicle devoid of athleticism. There’s still an overall agile look to it, but that’s inherent in the MINI DNA. It’s the MINI for the outdoorsy type. 


Power & Efficiency

MINI vehicles are known for being stylish and lightning quick. That fact used to be a trade secret, something only big car enthusiast understood, but ever since the popularization of the MINI vehicle in the iconic movie The Italian Job, MINI has relished in the idea that the world knows just how great their vehicles can be.  The base model Countryman powers out a cool 134 Horsepower out of a 3-cylinder Twin Power turbo, while the John Cooper Works ALL4 edition muscles out a mean 228 HP out of a 4-Cylinder Twin Power turbo. Factor in the 2017 Countryman’s fuel economy, which produces 9.6 L/100km City and 7.0 L/100km Highway, one of the most completive fuel ratings anywhere. 



Technology may not be something MINI is known for, but it is quietly one of the smartest vehicle brands on the market. The 2017 MINI Countryman is chalked full of new and innovative technology. It features an 8.8-Inch touchscreen display as the central hub of the interior technology which powers MINI Connected, a suite of amazing audio functions, and 3D Navigation. The MINI also has a Touch Controller with Handwriting technology, Head-Up Display, an Automatic tailgate, Rearview Camera, and a variety of incredible active and passive safety features.  



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