2016 Mini Clubman Cooper S for sale in Edmonton, ab


Size is not everything. It’s an adage as old as time, but there’s a reason it’s something your grandparents would tell you, who probably heard it from there grandparents, and one day you’ll probably tell yours. It’s a statement of truth. This is evident in both the technology we use in our daily lives, like smartphones, or tablets, powerful computers that a decade ago could hardly fit on a desk, as well as in the automotive industry.

Efficient, whether that be through design or as a matter of fuel consumption, has grown increasingly more important over the last decade, and even more so in the last two or three years. Our world is reacting to an over exposure to excess fuels, so cutting down, whenever we can, is a top priority. With that, comes some of the most ingenious, out of the box thinking you will see in the automotive industry.

You can pack more and more into the dash of your vehicle, or under the hood or in the design than ever before. We have the ability to design things with the highest levels of efficiency, so that vehicle don’t have to be large, without ever sacrificing quality. Which is something Mini has been doing for decades. They’ve continually made the statement that you don’t have to be big to be great. It is only recently that this brilliance has been recognized.

Mini has been previously known as a brand that is more niche, but has really clawed itself into the mainstream in recent years. It’s taken a while, but it has grown from a popular cult vehicle to a mainstay you’ll see frequently in your daily commute. You see more and more mini vehicles, identifiable instantly, even at a distance, by its unique design, driving around Edmonton roads year round. Mini vehicles are vehicles that turn heads. There’s just something cool about Mini vehicles, and few cooler than the Mini Clubman.

The 2016 Mini Clubman is the embodiment of fifty years of excellent engineering and sophisticated design. It’s a whole lot of style, performance, and innovative technology packed into an efficiently designed body. There’s a reason that Mini is making a comeback, and that’s because they create vehicles that are unique, and a blast to drive. Let’s take a closer look. 

Starting at $24,990 The Clubman will impress you.

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Interior Design

First up, let’s take a closer look at the interior of the 2016 Mini Clubman. At a glance, the mini is a small-bodied, one of a kind, sportster throwback. Though, clearly the Clubman wasn’t designed to load the family for a weeklong camping trip, it is deceptively roomy. It’s an exquisitely designed piece of vehicle architecture. It’s first and foremost comfortable, because Mini believes that riding inside of one of their vehicles has to be something you want to do. It has to be a pleasure rather than a chore. From the second you grip that go-cart like steering wheel, and take precision in which all the features, included the rounded display hub, it’s clear that the Clubman is not going to be your typical vehicle.

The physical design of the Mini Clubman’s interior is mix of technology and efficiency with a blast of cool factor throughout. Being a smaller vehicle, it’s efficiently designed with not an inch of space wasted.

The interior styling of the 2016 Mini Clubman is heavily infused with technology. Technology that ranges from performance enhancers, to comfort adjusters, and of course audible customizability. The cockpit like display is easily manageable, with every function and feature clearly displayed and within reach from either of the front two seats. The Audio functions are full and diverse, which makes your drive personalized and completely customizable. The 2016 Clubman is an excellent achievement in design, and a thrill to drive. 

3015 lbs
162 LB-FT @ 5000rpm

Outside Design

The 2016 Mini Clubman has all the DNA of the Vintage Cooper vehicle’s with a huge injection of modern styling. It’s a bigger bodied vehicle than most Mini’s, but it still replicates that classic silhouette that Mini is known for.

The 2016 Mini Clubman, physically, is a vehicle in a class of its own. It’s similar in size as other compact cars, but the Clubman is in a class far beyond any of those vehicles.  It offers a flat backed rear end that slides firmly along a long mid-section and a smoothly rounded front end. It’s a vehicle you would be anyone could be proud to drive. 

Trim Comparisons





6.6 HWY / 9.5 City





7.0 HWY / 10.6 City





7.0 HWY / 10.6 City



Mini Connected –

A multimedia control center based around a 6.5-inch HD a screen.  Mini Connected combines with your phone to keep you up to date on your social feeds, need-to-know driving information, navigation, apps, and of course access to your own person soundtrack.


Parking Assist –

A system that uses a selection of cameras to size up an available parking space, navigating on its own perfectly into the space, with a little help from the driver with a bit of throttle or braking power. 


Head Up Display –

A full color display projected on your front windshield so that you never have to take your eyes off the road. HUD displays relevant driving info like speed and a other safety features to keep you informed and never distracted


Why buy a 2016 Mini Clubman?

The 2016 Mini Clubman is an increasingly popular vehicle that will instill envy in all those watching you drive it around the Edmonton area. It’s a whole lot of style, performance, and even luxury packed into a compact frame. It’s a perfect vehicle to cruise down one the many Edmonton highways, or to zip around Jasper Ave.  Whether you’re a fan of the Clubman or not, once you settle in behind the wheel, you know you’re in for an adventure. Don’t believe me? Book a test drive today!